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Last Update: March 13, 2015

A friend of mine has been after me to start a website for almost a year. I was afraid I did not have the skills needed. WA has made this first step so easy. Thanks to Kyle's advice, (especially the part about no niche being too competitive), I have chosen a niche in a field I love, bought a domain and am ready to start working on content. I'm so excited about learning more. Thanks! I truly find this program to be worth gold.

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LTran Premium
Great job! Looking forward to see your site
MarieKi Premium
It is fantastic, isn't it? The lessons here are so easy to follow. Even I understand how to do it! I wish you great success.
Kyle Premium
Awesome, it is much easier than you think to create a website and as you go through the training you are really going to start to see your website come together. :)

Nice work on your progress thus far Kristi!
Bluette Premium
that's a great niche, good luck
Internetgranny Premium
That's great to hear! Congratulations! With a niche in a field you love, you'll enjoy writing the content. Wishing you lots of success!