The New Stuff I've Learned from Online Entrepreneurship Certification Course 1

Last Update: April 10, 2015

Hi, I'm Keena, and I've mentioned on several posts that this is not my first rodeo with my EXPOSURE to affiliate marketing, but I DO hope that this affiliate will finally be the one in which I realize financial success. I've purchased several programs that included booklets and CDs that were mailed to me, and then there were online programs that I subscribed to. I want to be fair enough to those programs to explain what they did do well.

Some of the things that all of these programs did teach me were:

  • The different ways that you could consider generating income online like the article marketing, forums, Adsense, blogging, videos, selling actual products of your offline business. Putting things on your page that a customer could make you money is what was meant by "monetizing" your blog.
  • That you could advertise products using banner and text ads by copying/pasting special codes. These codes would be different on the end to add your affiliate code. This is the way that they would give me credit for anyone that purchased through my site.
  • I would need my own website to control my own business. Even though I could place the ads anywhere, if I intended to create my own traffic that could lead to customers for my own business, I would need my own site.
  • I would need some type of way to obtain customer's information.
  • Websites could be designed for free by the everyday person at sites like Wordpress or with various themes that could be customized with your themes and content.
  • Codes could be added to your links to help track which of your ads were most effective.
  • Domain names and unique email domains help your site look more professional.
  • I should choose my affiliate product based on a niche.
  • That there are some affiliate warehouses that advertised several affiliate programs in one spot. A shopping mall, if you will, of affiliate programs to choose from.
  • Keywords would need to be product-specific
  • Hyperlinks and anchor links
  • How to place Google ads and how to track those ads.
  • Website hosting

So if those programs did all that then why didn't I make any money? I'm glad you asked. I did set up websites, and although I chose a theme, a title, set up Google Adsense, and copied and pasted code for the ads, here's what I didn't learn:

  • How to make my niche more specific. Although I was told not to make my niche too broad, I was not given as much direction as I would have liked on how to choose my specific niche.
  • The ways to make your Wordpress site more likely to be ranked in Google.
  • Activating the right plug-ins to ensure that my website image is as professional as possible.
  • What themes help make my website more attractive with search engines.
  • How to organically attract traffic without high-cost ads.
  • How to generate quality content surrounding your ads
  • Built-in ways to organically interact within the affiliate community and forums to possibly support each others' causes,
  • How to ensure that my website was ethical and legal.
  • There no checks and balances to ensure that I understood successfully learned how to apply the content as evidenced by a sale.

The Online Certifcation Courses and Bootcamps are not just pretty tabs to make the site seem legitimate. With any certification course that I have been involved with, you not only pass tests that prove that you understand the content, you also have to prove that you know how to appy what you've learned. This site is similar to what I experienced in nursing school. We learned the content in our science and nutrition courses then went across to the hall to the lab to apply what we learned. My nursing courses were coupled with "clinicals" to the hospital, nursing home, burn unit, nephrology lab, home health agencies, Wealthy Affiliate has turned this into a true classroom. Kyle/Carson are the teachers, and we will graduate if we do our homework and apply our learning as a way of passing the tests. We are graded by not only Kyle and Carson but also by our peers.

What Wealthy Affiliate has provided in Course 1 alone is what another affiliate program's entire program would have consisted of. If other sites did offer more content, I would have access to it only after spending way more money over time than the cost of becoming involved that what has been mentioned with Premium upgrade here at Wealthy Affiliate.

So if you haven't already, take a look at the first stepping stone to effective affiliate marketing here - Online Entrepreneurship Certification Course - Level 1

For what my last company expected me to pay, I will be able to be at Wealthy Affiliate for the next ten years, and it will so worth it thanks to the wealth of information that I still have to process here . It's been 6 days, and I'm already building a website that I'm confident will be used over time. I may make changes, but it will be used.

Stay tuned for progress update after my completion of Course 2.

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