Criticism Sucks!

Last Update: May 19, 2017

Hi Everyone.

Well, I'm at Course 2 Level 10 now... Ambassador in training.

Actual thoughts..

Me? Kyle, you're crazy. You realize I've only been blogging for about two weeks now. How am I supposed to help others? I'm still trying to figure this blogging thing out.

But.. Here I am writing this blog post...and the topic today is...

Criticism! BOOOO.....

who likes criticism? I sure don’t.

I am terrible at receiving criticism (constructive or otherwise). Maybe it’s because I’m a wannabe perfectionist? Or maybe I can blame my childhood?
I know this is my biggest weakness when it comes to blogging (or anything.) However, in the last two weeks since I joined WA, i’m learning to be OK with criticism and that constructive criticism is needed!
I need criticism to help me (and my blog) grow.
I’m learning to be OK with knowing my blog posts lack organization and clarity.. or that my site looks funky- that’s how I’ll grow.

Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

How do you handle criticism?

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nardusvdv Premium
Hi Kortiz

Man, I love your attitude!!! I like it when you are so crazy honost!

Don't worry, your site is work-in-progress. It is fine. But, the more you check on other people's work, the more you learn as well. The brain works like that. When you are forced to make an oppinion is when you are learning. You learn from people what to do and you learn from people what not to do.

Most important - you MUST DO!!!!! That's all. DO!!! Don't compromize on that.

Have fun in doing..
Kortiz16 Premium
Totally agree!
Loes Premium
It's nice to hear how others experience your website. I love to hear where I can improve things.

Surfed your website a bit, great start!

Plain English Dictionary and Self defence tips are nowhere in the menu or category. You need to activate widgets in your sidebar and add the category widget.

Your sidebar is missing and that creates a whole lot of white space.
Kortiz16 Premium
Thank you thank website is a mess right now! But maybe it's because I didn't activate those widgets! I will try that!
PhyllisH1 Premium
I don't like too much criticism either. Especially if it's negative. But, since this is the first time that I've EVER developed my own website, I need all the criticism I can get...positive or negative.

There are millions and millions of potential customers that will visit your site. You hope people will want to visit again and refer others. We might not like the negative criticism but in the end it does help. Good luck!