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Can I refer someone to wa with a website?

Can I refer someone to wa with a website?

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Been here about a week, and am building a website now under my niche. I have a couple of friends that want to join in on the fun here. I don't have a website created for mark

Hey Kris,

Check out the screen print to see (where to click once you've clicked on the airplane icon) where to find your affiliate link to use when you want to send others to WA.

You will also find affiliate links offered on any posts and/or training that you want to share with others. Look at the top of your question here ... just below the title, on the right.

Thanks. I see it. But I never did before. There is so much here to explore:)

Email them your WA affiliate link and you're good to go and you get the referral - you'll find your affiliate link and all the other tools under the WA Affiliate Program link in the left hand menu here.

Thanks so much

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