Back From San Sebastian

Last Update: July 28, 2013

Well now I am back from San Sebastian, Spain and can I was wonderful!!!

We took the plane to Reus, Spain, drove to Barcelona stayed there for 2 days then drove a 6 hour drive straight through Spain. It was AWESOME!!! We also took a day trip to France, to a little town called St. Vincent De Tyrosse..... I love living in Norway and having the chance to travel like I do.

Since I moved back I have been to Egypt, France, Spain and I'm going to New York in August and all this since May 2013....Talk about being lucky :)

Well, now it's back to business so I will be reachable for a while :)

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xcfastdude Premium
You're so lucky! I would LOVE to go to Spain someday! That's like the country I've been wanting to visit the most. Glad you had fun!
dwdad99 Premium
That's an amazing picture. You are very lucky to be able to travel.