Like Always... A Small Few Trying To Ruin Things For Others...

Last Update: December 28, 2011

It has been my experience in life that when ever I have a good thing going something comes along and ruins it. I have come to learn that nothing lasts. Hopefully this is not the case with using the Internet to make a few bucks... but you never know... I  was already chopped by amazon without any warning (they have since invited me back) because of politics at the capital... thank goodness that it was not a major share of my online income...

Anyway... the reason for my post...

The first link to the blog poster made me think a bit... but its still full steam ahead for me!

I hope everyone is enjoying the Vacation time... I know I am.

Best to all you WA'ers!




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JohnnyMark1 Premium
Great links Bob (Klrrider)! I've subscribed and have been reading Natural News newsletters for some time now!
Hey, Ive drifted away from promoting digital products from Clickbank and thought that maybe I'd have better luck promoting physical products from Amazon. What you mentioned about them cutting you off, bothers me. If you don't mind, how do you monetize your online efforts?
-John (jdehaan001)
meknowsu Premium
I just transferred two of my domains to namecheap after first starting with godaddy, so I will see how it goes for the new year. thanks for sharing the links to the articles. wishing you the best.