Is Your WordPress Security Up to date?

Last Update: May 14, 2012

A Dozen Easy WP Plugins To Batten Down the Hatches

With site hacking on the rise and part of my income at risk I have spent the last couple of months trying to get a security install strategy in place that I could implement across all my sites.

Security not only involves blocking hacking attempts but also having a system in place in case your site does become a victim and your need to restore it without days being spent rebuilding everything. That would be devastating to me on one site especially that I have worked on almost every day since last July and it has over 150 pages. Not my usual 5-10 page mini site.

Just like every thing else I have learned about IMing, I have researched and learned from other successful blog masters and have gathered this information from them. Since at present this information either doesn't exist or is some where on WAU that I haven't found I decided to write an article and post about what I have learned and implemented on my own sites.

To read the full information you will have to visit StreetArticles and finish up at my personal blog. I guarantee you I will not try to sell you anything. You are already a WAU member and that is the only thing I promote on my site.

For those of you who don't know me (yet hopefully) I am one of the duller pair of scissors in the drawer, lazy and cheap to boot so you can be sure that this is very simple to implement and will only cost your time.

Some of the plugins overlap in their duties and so it is not imperative to install them all but I feel safer with them and so far there seems to be no conflicts. Have been running them for 5 weeks now on my original install (the big site) and now have 6 of my most important sites secure. The rest will follow.

It is a good feeling to have automatic daily/weekly database backups sent to my inbox and also time stamped full site backups in my drop box!

The first one took a while but repetition makes things easier and I can do one from start to finish in about 30 min.

For sites hosted at WAU some of these plugins will not work since they require a newer php (I think that's right) version. However TPTB have stated that this is on the slate to be accomplished during this OEP transition.

I use Gator Hosting for most of my sites and this works well there.

If you have any questions I would be glad to try to answer them but no guaranties... the scissors in the desk... remember?

Comments are appreciated and I wish the best to all of you.

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David_S Premium
I use log in lock for my sites along with a 20 character password. I had so many hacking attempts on my site this did the trick...Well so far that is
slayton1s Premium
Cloudflare is what I use. Richard suggested it to me about 11 months ago at On top of that, that's why it's smart to back-up your websites too.
Kewl Web Premium
Why does the above comment have my profile link in it? Is it a glitch? A mistake?