One Week At WA: Filled With Excitement & Motivation

Last Update: December 26, 2018

Like many other members, I haphazardly stumbled upon WA with a vague inclination to learn about online business. I was doing research on ways to build my private practice as a counsellor and had no plans of signing up on here, let alone starting a completely separate niche website, but here I am, one week later. There was this voice in the back of my head telling me to start a blog for years, but the actual doing part always got to me. WA allowd me to listen to that voice and put it to action in one short week, and the momentum is just getting started.

Here in one week so far I've:

  • Completeled Level 1 and most of Level 2 training
  • Picked a niche I will not run out of things to write about for years
  • Published 2 articles totalling 3000 words
  • Gotten real nerdy about keyword searches
  • Added affiliate links to my articles
  • Read tons of amazing resources here at WA and gotten so much support for my newbie questions

I would count those as successes, and feel like my mind is just swarming with ideas for new posts.

My plan is that by Jan 1st I will:

  • Have published two more articles
  • Be ranked in Google
  • Have completed Level 2 training

It's hard to know what will come in 3 months, but I want to publish 2 posts/ week and hopefully be making some revenue by then. In 6 months I want to create a following, and have a full fledged side business!

Thanks to everyone here for creating such a supportive community and answering my newbie questions. Hoping to pay it forward when I can. I feel like I have just been immersed in a completely different world with quite infinite possibilities, and the idea of working for myself, doing what I love (writing and counselling) while living in different locations seems less like a far-fetched fantasy and more like a tangible possibility.

It's been a short stint here so far, but I already feel like the seeds of transformation are starting to sprout into something. I'm not entirely sure what that will look like yet, but I'm following my joy and seeing where it will take me. A lot of hard work lies ahead, but if it's half as fun as it's been so far, I'm 110% on board.

Thanks for reading :)


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sc3092 Premium
Congratulation. One week made you feel a great sense of accomplishment.
Babou3 Premium
Great goals!
It will not always be easy but try to keep
your goals, and you will see that it always
move in the right direction.

Wealthysite Premium
You are not alone. When I signed up, my intention was to build a site for my CPR and CNA business but here I am with though niche along that line but another online business altogether.
newmarketpro Premium
Hi K,
I hope it's not too late to welcome you to Wealthy Affiliate.
I can see you are making a great progress with the training as well as with your site. With the plan is already in place, believe you are going to execute them accordingly with no difficulties. We are looking forward to read your success stories in near future.
All the best.