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Last Update: January 12, 2017

Hi Friends,

What prompts me to wirte this blog is one negative comment or review about Wealthy Affiliate I came across some time ago. To be sure, there are comparatively very few negative reviews or complaints about Wealthy Affiliate on the Internet. Even when we see complaints, they are ironically pointing out its strength, while they may be trying to tell you its weaknesses.

Let me explain. Some complaints about Wealthy Affiliate is that the training courses and information available are too overwhelming. Oh, are we here at Wealthy Affiliate not proud of having infomation and knowledge rich platform? Is such complaint to be taken as negative comment? To become a successful online entrepreneur, we need to equip ourselves with tons of information and knowledge. The more knowledge we gain from Wealthy Affiliate, the more we are empowered. Isn't it?

Now let me get to my main point. This guy, I mentioned above, said Kyle of Wealthy Affiliate does not encourage us to hype it as a quick and easy online business platform, and that people only tend to be attracted to such hype. What a big irony! This guy is actually complaining about Kyle's honesty, as if honesty is a big sin on the Internet. It was like saying Kyle was wrong for telling the truth.

Kyle, from the onset, has been consistently and honestly telling us the truth that making money online takes time and efforts, not quick and easy. Likewise, he encorages us to be honest when promoting Wealthy Affiliate. So, what happens when we do not make a big hype about Wealthy Affiliate? People seeking for quick and easy ways of making money online will shy away from us. Is that good or bad?

Yes, if you get less referals to sign up to Wealthy Affiliate, that's bad. But its also better than hyping WA and getting tons of referals who will never take action or leave as soon as they realize making money online takes hard work, patient and a lot of time.

Here is my conclusion: Wealthy Affiliate is honest, unique and legitimate. Only con artists will tell all kinds of lies to make people believe in quick and easy money, that doesn't really exist either online or offline. We stand out as an honest community, made up of people really committed to learn and take action to make really big money online.

We have not seen bells and whistles nor have we heard GRQ flashy promises here at Wealthy Affiliate. We are sharing tons of knowledge. "Knowledge needs to be shared to have value". What we have here at Wealthy Affiliate is real knowledge, real value. No scamming, no lies, but plain truth that everyone can benefit from the training courses at Wealthy Affiliate as long as s/he is determined to invest time and effort. This sets us apart from others.

Why should we hype, when we are delivering real value? Hype is selling but the biggest irony is that it brings no sale. I don't like being sold. So you are, and there is no exception to your audience.

In essence, we are creating value, not chasing for quick money. We are trained to share and produce real value, to provide real solutions to problems. Making money is not the first thing for us WA-ers. We know creating value and sharing our knowledge free of charge is the only way to building a successful online business. That is all what is Wealthy Affiliate about.

Wealthy Affiliate is unique.



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MPollock Premium
Honesty is the best quality
drjec Premium
My experience here says the same thing. Thanks for putting it in writing.
Labman Premium
I agree, WA is a welcome change to the junk that is available elsewhere. While it isn't the only place that offers good reliable information, it is one of the best and most rounded opportunities available at a reasonable price.