Wealthy Affiliate Community and the Open Education Project

Last Update: February 04, 2017

This is a brief overview of how you can benefit from the Wealthy Affiliate Community and the Open Education Project, and how it will impact your online success using the platform.

Since its inception in 2005, this community has been a community of sharing and engagement, with the spirit of “giving forward”.

It is natural for someone busy building an online business to have little or no incentive to share her new found knowledge and acquired skills. Keeping this in mind, Kyle and Carson have launched the Open Education Project for all members of Wealthy Affiliate, offering an incentive of receiving credit and reward whenever any member shares her knowledge in the form of training. Wealthy Affiliate Community is made up of hundreds of thousands of people, not just one or two persons.

The success of this OEP is enormous, to say the least. There are hundreds of training courses offered by the members, all free of charge. The contributions of these members inspire other members to share further and interact within themselves. This form of sharing generates more sharing through discussions, comments and feedbacks. The community is by far the most generous global community I have ever come across.

True to its title as Open Education Project, the benefit and educational impact on the community as a whole and also on personal growth is really impressive.

If you are still new to the community or if you are not ready or unwilling to share your knowledge, you are not oblidged to do so. But for those who share have the incentive of earning ambassador status. As an ambassador you will have the chance to receive financial reward from the Wealthy Affiliate and supplement your income stream from within, through training courses you may create on this platform.

I dare say this is the best education platform ever created. I would encourage all beginners not to skip Klyle’s training about this OEP, where he walks you through all the vital components of this Wealthy Affiliate, Open Education Project.

This training will help you become aqainted with the system and show you how best to get support, and interact within the community. It will also lead you to a better understanding of earning revenue from the network.

OEP: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/wealthy-a...

The following is the sub-headings of Lessons 2 to 8. If you are new to Wealthy Affiliate or have never gone through this training, you will find out, just by reading these headings, that this is a MUST for you to read. Just browsing through the platform randomly will only confuse you. But once you have read this, you will find a better direction and focus.

Lesson 2

Global Activity

Personal Feed



My Profile Forum (PREMIUM Only)

Lesson 3

Main Menu




Open Chat


My Profile My Blog

My Network

Share Wealthy Affiliate

Premium Services

Build Websites .

Find Keywords

Watch Webinars (PREMIUM Only)

Keyword Lists (PREMIUM Only)

The Header

Forum (PREMIUM Only)

Private Messages

Followers Quick





Recommended Training

Getting Started

Warm Welcome

Learn How WA Works

Lesson 4

The Search Box Explained

How to Perform a Proper Search

Tag Based Training

The Benefits of the Open Education Project

Getting Started Course

The Benefits of the Open Education Project

Lesson 5

Live Chat

Profile Communication

Follow People

Interacting within Training

Engage in Blog Posts/Stories

How to Contact Us (Kyle & Carson)

Be Active, Be Engaging, See Results

Lesson 6

The rules for spam within WA (MUST READ before anything)

Lesson 7

Ambassadors WANTED

Benefit #1:Get Paid.

Benefit #2: Obtain a Following

Benefit #3:Pay it Forward.

Benefit #4:Become an Ambassador (HUGE INCENTIVE)

Benefit #5:Ambassadors Come to VEGAS!

Lesson 8

How To Share WA.

No other Training Package Compares.



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MarionBlack Premium
Actually there is no financial reward for being an Ambassador, it's an honorary title. The financial rewards come from providing training, and introducing others to Wealthy Affiliate. The main financial reward comes from working on one's own website.
Kipps Premium
Thanks Marion for the input that the WA ambassador status is just an honorary one. Kyle did spell out the benefits of becoming an ambassador at lesson 7 of his series of description about OEP. It's so true that the main reward comes from our own website. The good point is that the reward (received through training courses we may create), even if meager, does serve as good incentive for many members to create a lot of training courses inside WA, and we all benefit from it. I personally enjoy them. Apart from the small rewards, the trainers have a host of indirect benefits as well. I think the incentive is, in that sense, not small in the long run, especially if one could update the training regularly. Hence; we have hundreds of highly qualified training initiated by Premium Members.

Btw, I create this blog post "with intent" as encouraged by Kyle and Robert in their training. I will be updating it and add the sub-headings of this OEP training, so readers know what's inside and motivated to read it thoroughly. I made a mistake of not reading it thoroughly when I first came across it. So, I was unaware of some important features as a result. I do not want the new Starters to repeat the same mistake. So apart from my real "intent" or motivation, I do sincerely wish the newbies not to skip this training.