7 Billion human beings need only one single computer!

Last Update: March 12, 2017

Hi Freinds,

Reading the blog post from Fred, see the link below, inspired me to write this blog.


Hi Fred,

You should be happy to have stayed away from the Internet for that short weekend. But instead, you felt like it was a great agony, you said "A day without an internet access is like forever". When we are happy time flies so fast, so we perceived. On the contrary, when we are made to live or stay under an unpleasant situation we felt it like it was "forever".

It is really interesting to contemplate on how we become part of the Internet. The Internet is like a black hole, absorbing everything - all human life or even other creatures and plants(?). All human activities (prostitution, terrorism, religion, politics, marketing, socializing ... etc. you name it, the list could have an eternal length). So what! We are slowly been swallowed by the Internet and the other siblings of the great Internet like Google, Yahoo, Bing and the like, without us realizing that reality at all!

We are under the condition, where we are forced to enter into the womb of the Internet and swinging on the cradle of the great mother Google, sucking her milk happily or otherwise.

If the great Google crashed or the Internet closed down totally, all human activities will suddenly come to an abrupt halt. That means we are no more living on the planet earth. We belong to an intangible realm known as the cyberspace. We are aliens to the Earthians. The real Earthians, who are still roaming the planet Earth are those left far behind in the deepest and farthest remote corners, where the great Google cannot reach and absorb them, Soon every single spot on Earth will be connected with Wi-Fi. No human, whosoever, will be able to escape from this monster called the Internet.

Fred, you have escaped from it, albeit involuntarily. Your short period outside the Internet was not a happy moment, but instead turned out to be a moment of great agony!

All human beings are already sharing one single computer known as the Internet. In a few years time, human will invent a new technology that will enable us to connect each other via Internet without the need to buy any extra device like PC, Desktop, Smartphone, Tablet or whatsoever. Because we already own one single computer called the Internet via the World Wide Web. Not only that we are already living inside that computer. So why is there a need to buy another one? One single computer for all 7 billion human beings is enough!

Once this dream comes true there will be no more software updates neccessary, no more firewall needed, all technology or new high-techs we are taking for grant will be replaced with super-tech, we have never ever dreamt of before.Agree or disagree with me? Please let me know and keep the discussion alive so that the dream of not needing to buy a computer every one or two years will come true soon.



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drjec Premium
My nephew is an author, M.T.Anderson. He wrote a short novel years ago called "Feed". It describe a society where a tiny chip was installed at birth so that people could communicate through the internet with their thoughts. Pretty weird stuff at the time. Now it seems almost possible.
Kipps Premium
Yes, "weird stuff" used to be simply ignored or laughed at for the obvious reason that they are "weird" in the first place. But many a time these very "weird stuff" turned out to be visionary. It is extremely likely to me that soon there will be no more devices like PC, desktop, smartphones, template or any other similar ones will be wiped out from our table or from our body. Some even have a wild dream that our eyes will become the monitor screen, on which we read or hear messages from friends. Hey, there are any number of possibilities out there. I believe your nephew M.T. Anderson's vision may become a reality in the near future. Who knows?