23 free traffic strategies

Last Update: January 19, 2017

Of course there are much more than 23 strategies for getting FREE Traffic. If you dig deeper in the Internet you will definitely find even more. But the 23 of them I listed below should be sufficient enough to remind myself and all others about these strategies we sometime forget, neglect or take for granted, depending on our level of progress.

Inspired by Steve1958's blog post below, I started to make a quick research to see how many more free traffic strategies I could find out.


This blog post by Steve1958 is actually about PPC. But if you scroll down you will see his free traffic training courses. So the first 1 to 11 Strategies are collected from his courses and listed here. The rest are from elswhere on the Internet. Down below you will find some interesting links for further reading.

When ever I feel I am lost, I will come back to this blog post of mine as a checklist or as a reminder of what I still need to do. You can do so, if you think it is helpful.

1.Grow Your Free Traffic by Addressing a Niche Market / SEO Strategy

2.Use Long Tail Keywords to Generate Free Traffic To Your Site / SEO Strategy

3.Proper Tags and Descriptions Will Increase Your Traffic / SEO Strategy

4.Increase Your Traffic With Great Content

5.Post to Forums and Blogs to Increase Your Free Website Traffic

6.Use Good Web Design to Increase Your Traffic

7.Give Away Freebies and Increase Your Free Traffic

8.Create a Social Site and Increase Your Free Traffic

9.Increase Your Traffic by Creating Shareable Content

10.Use Traffic Exchanges to Increase Free Traffic To Your Site

11.Build a Community to Increase Your Free Traffic

12.Use Internal Links

13.Make Use of Industry Experts to Increase Your Free Traffic

14.Incorporate Video, infographics and data-driven pieces

15.Master the art of headline writing and write Irresistible Headlines

16.Use eMail Marketing

17.Make your site Responsive. Your website must be accessible and viewable across a range of devices.

18.Make your site load fast and technically optimized as such

19.Make yourself heard in comment sections of other sites.

20.Make use of the Google Analytic data wisely

21.Submit your contents to Reddit and Digg

22.Research your competitors by using SEMRush, BuzzSumo or SpyFu

23.Host Webinar

For further research and good reading:-





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