How to find Your Passion

Last Update: July 28, 2015

The Problem

I have been struggling to find what I really am passionate about for years. As all of you here my dream is to be financially free and I went through stacks of opportunities to try to achieve that.

The problem is we want it to be easy right? We want to wake up and see mountains of cash in our bank account without having put an effort into creating it. Well unfortunately it doesn't work that way. In fact to create, let's say 1000$ in cash we have to create at least the same amount in value. I personally think that we should all aim at delivering 100 times more value than we are expecting in cash.

I have not come across a better way to add value than blog writing; that's my personal opinion. We get to write about anything we are really passionate about and when we do that, we are never going to lack inspiration. Therefore delivering value becomes easy. We like it when it's easy, remember.

Finding Your Passion

Now you may have realized that finding your passion is key to make your journey here at WA as pleasurable as possible. Well good news. I am going to share with you now the process I have used to know my passion.

First I want to underline a very important fact. We all, deep inside know what our passion is, but due to our life circumstances, conditioning and environment, we are keeping it buried. The following process if given the required time will unearth it.

The process in itself is quick, but the time you spend in thoughts trying to accept that "ok this is what I am passionate about" may take longer. It will be then your responsibility to own your passion no matter what others may think. Yes wondering what others will think is one of the greatest reason we bury our passion.

The Process

Now take a pen and paper and answer the following question.

If you had 1$ Billion(1,000,000,000$) in your bank account after having bought all the toys you dreamed of, having gone to all the places imaginable and having helped every person you wished to help, what would you be doing NOW.

When I went through this process myself, I found it very helpful to think about that question several times during the day. During your day, you go through different states of mind, therefore have different thinking patterns. Basically you think differently when you are in a good mood from when you are in a bad mood. Obviously the palette of emotions and states of mind is more colorful and you can use that to get more insights.

Make your list without any judgement and when you got it, I invite you to go through Rebecca's Training:

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No, really this was enlightening Jean-Pascal I really appreciate your posting it. What a fine way to determine what your passion is.