WA Jay's Funniest Blooper

Last Update: May 18, 2019

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It's a professional diver ready to take the plunge...

It's a clown with an imaginary red nose...

It's a guy making funny faces...

NO, it's Jay doing I don't know what?! Hahaha.

The starting image For Jay’s Understanding Marketing Funnels training is pretty funny.

Happy Saturday WA day!

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One of Jay's most positive attributes is that he never takes himself too seriously. He is K&C's best kept secret, quietly working in the background ready to take any member to the next level of affiliate marketing.

You are absolutely Right Dennis :)

I watched the whole webinar and learned so much about funnels. From how to use them as well as map them out. If Jay has ever made a blooper, I am the biggest clown in the community. Bloopers come from some of the comments made by members lacking respect for Jay.
This is not a rant. I think Jay deserves respect due him.

All in good fun, just referring to starting image...

What was the blooper? I didn't see one when I started watching.

The starting image is pretty funny...

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