How much i love you... My Cluster Headache...

Last Update: March 14, 2014

Cluster Headache is a disease that i got since like 5 years now. On this blog, i'm gonna tell you more about it and also tell you why i love it so much ;)

But first i would like to apologize for my bad english.

Ok let's go !

What is a cluster headache ?

I'm not gonna give you a wikipedia definition or something like this, i will give you my own.

Cluster headache is a clever disease who know how to give you a terrible headache when you really don't need. It mean that this thing will take pleasure to simply ruin every good moments you want to give to yourself...

I don't really know about the others, but for me i have pain 2 times a day and almost always at the same hours.

The first 4 years i got this, i had it only from september till like december and only one time a day. Now it became worst because i still have it right now and almost every days 2 times, but thank you i never have it in the middle of the night ;)

Cluster headache symptoms

I will tell you my own symptoms. This is the process of my attacks ( always the right side of my face ) :

  • Start with a little background pain to the temple.
  • My temple's veines start growing.

At this point i know i will have an attack, now i'm worry, will it be a big attack or one that i can hold ?

  • The pain extend to my nose, eyes all the right side of my face.
  • My eyes become red and start crying.
  • My nose become runny ( only the right side )

At this point, i wonder if i have to use my 20 euros medecine ( nasal sumatriptan ) this give me even more stress...

When i do a big attack, i really can't hold the pain, people around me always tell me " try relax " well i would like to but how can you relax when a truck is smashing your head ?

I also can't take any high sound and light, i'm so much on my pain that even talking is hard for me...

The attack stop in like 1 minute and then i don't feel any, i only get tired, pain really use a lot of my energy.

Every day i do some test to try to adapt to this, i tried to see if without drinking my red wine glass i wouldn't have pain but no i still got it ( this was a good new ). I also tried to smoke some weed it didn't help ( i live in Nederland all legit :D ). If i drink a beer i'm pretty sure i get pain.

Soon i will go back to France to see with my neurologue for an other treatment.

Cluster Headache risks :

They are no risk, you can't die with this but many people get a depression and we count some suicide case.

Now the good new !

Wealthy Affiliate can help you with Cluster Headache !

Let's face the truth, you simply can't have a normal job when you have this, i know it and even if you only get attack at night this might be difficult with the lack of sleep.

Wealthy Affiliate help me a lot on my cluster headache, since more than 6 month i'm a member and it's just awesome, i created my own home business, this keep me busy by giving me some work and also give me the power to not giving up. If you read this and you have a cluster headache just know that you can't cure yourself but you can choose to accept that desease and do the best of it ! Don't get a drepressing mode, accept your cluster headache and take profit of him by starting a great online home business ;)

Everybody is welcome here at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you feel like joining click here it's free :)

Thank for reading this.


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mackiejw Premium
I know what you are talking about. I had them almost all of my life. But mine lasted for 5-7 hrs, daily and for a period of 5 months. Then I had a "break" for exactly 18 months and the monster was back. Took 5-8 Imitrex )sumatriptan) shots a day.

10 years ago, I had enough of paying $58.00 for 2 shots. Insurance was not paying for "headache" medicin. I started taking 4 Ibuprofen (365mg each) 3 times a day. Clusters come from inflammatory of the veins on the surface of our skull Hence I took Ibu's.
After 7 days I was free of any symptoms and free of clusters. Take 4 of Ibu's once a day now.
Khaos Premium
Wow i'm gonna try asap !!! Maybe your tips can change my life :) I'm happy that you could stop this sh.. ;)

I let you know as comment if ibu work

Thank a lot
mackiejw Premium
But take them religiously, 3 times a day. I did that for over 2 years before I cut down.
Karyskis Premium
Hmmm, my brain is spinning. If cluster headaches come from inflammation, then avoiding foods that cause inflammation would help too. Sugar, gluten, possibly eggs and/or dairy.
mackiejw Premium
Inflammation, that's why many doctors prescribe Prednisone, which is a steroid I avoid like online scams.
Trialynn Premium
Sorry you suffer from such headaches but very happy to know you have found a way to beat them in such a positive way.
Khaos Premium
Thank you for commenting :) Yeah i always think, when you have a problem always take the best of it ^^

Success :)
katzee Premium
Just to weigh in quickly here, obviously Mackiejw must be taking care to have them with food (not on an empty stomach) if he has been taking them for so many years with no trouble. They can be hard on the stomach, so great care should be taken to do exactly as the label says. I ended up with an ulcer as I have had to take them (Ibu's) off an on over the years due to a traffic accident injury and eventually became a bit careless as regards taking them with food. However, I have since read that bananas protect the lining of the stomach, so it might pay to include a banana with your food prior to having them, or even just a banana mashed and mixed with a bit of milk just prior to having the Ibu's.

Prevention and Wellbeing magazines have a wealth of information too, about healthy diets, reducing inflammation in the body etc. ..... there are others too.

Your positive attitude is a real inspiration - wouldn't it be wonderful if your terrible Clusters could be made to go away. Seems there is real hope there......WA members help each other in many ways.