Twitter Problem

Last Update: July 24, 2018

I am currently stuck at the certification level 4 where we need to sign up for twitter.

Two weeks ago I decided signing up with my main e mail only to get a message that my e mail was taken. If my e mail is taken and I have never signed up for twitter before, it only translates to that someone is using my e mail on twitter. So I went ahead to reclaim my account by recovering the password. That was easily done.

When I got in, I found a profile picture on twitter that I have never seen and a user name that I don't know of. The next step was to change all the profile info but when I tried an error message came on saying that my account was suspended so I couldn't make any changes to any info therein. I couldn't even delete my account.

I then sent my complaint to twitter and have been waiting for two weeks now for them to unsuspend my account but nothing has changed so far even after following all the instructions they asked for.

Today I decided to use another e mail cause I couldn't wait anymore. I thought since I started my WA account recently, the e mail addresses from my website must be clean.

I started all over the signing up process, this time certain to get a twitter account but upon singining up the dreadful message popped up again. Your e mail has been taken.

How on earth can all my e mail addresses be taken when I have never used twitter before?

And to make matters worse, the account with my website e mail address is also suspended. That means I can't make any changes whatsoever to the second twitter account too.

I just want to know if any of you experienced this?

If so how did you go about it?

if you haven't experience but you have any ideas please share it all here.

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Khalfish Premium
Got my twitter now, thanks Anjeri and Rubanzema.
Anjeri Premium
this is interesting never heard of it before. keep emailing twitter till they help you out.
rubanzema Premium
Very sad.