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Last Update: June 10, 2018

First I would like to thank Magi studios for great webinars. I happened to stumble upon his webinar on how to use canva. I have always wanted to spice up my site but didn't know how to go about it. But now the header you see above I made it on canva. I could finally make my own logo. Actually two months ago I was about to spend $65 dollars for a logo.

Secondly, I was working on an article. A couple of days after joining WA I found and interesting product that I would like to write about. Then I noticed the only pictures I can get were the Amazon pics and that wasn't cool enough. I went to the site of the company and found good pictures but due to copy right there was no way I could use them. So guess what?

I wrote to the company explaining that I am interested in writing about their product, then they asked me to give them my blog site address. I hesitated to do that since at that time I had only one article on my site. Then after a week of writing I had 3 articles in and sent them my site address.

After almost a week of waiting, they got back to me and agreed to send me pics for that I needed for the article. I never thought they would give in.

Please check out the post I wrote here: https://giftsrama.com/power-naps-good-or-bad

1354 words (my first over 1000 words post)

Lesson learned: If you can't get images of the product you want to write about, you can always try to present your case to the company dealing with product and try your luck. Good luck!

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Anjeri Premium
Wow, didn't even think there was a training on how to use canva here at WA being intending to use it for my Pinterest, i will definitely look for it.
Great idea on asking for photos from a company, i had the same issue now i know a new way to go about it. thanks.
JeannineC Premium
Glad you pursued those pictures. It's very true that if the merchant feels you will do a good job representing their product, they are willing to do something special to help you. Congrats.