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Last Update: Feb 9, 2020

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Wealthy Affiliate And YouTube

Work Really Well Together

I have no idea where you are at in your business or what level of results you are getting. Speaking from my own personal experience, I have found it a learning curve to say the least.

Recently, I have started in a new direction. I am focusing more on what I started many years ago. This was a dream that was taken away from me due to misunderstanding at the time how things work online.

Let's Take A Walk Back In Time

Nearly 20 years ago, a healthy carpenter with a dream of a better life. Although my work was rewarding and I was good at it and respected. The daily grind, the sacrifice of a lot of time was getting to me.

Being quite creative, the idea of using that to make my future and other people have a better life really appealed to me. I decided to start a newsletter and website Dreams Can Be Real.

For a while I was happy, was building a subscriber base that really wanted to hear what I had to say. Not earning much from this sideline was not such a great worry to me as I was fullfilling part of my life I had a big void in.

The Big Misunderstanding

Due to me having to work quite long hours and working quite hard emotionally and physically was a drain on me. During a time when I was really quite busy at my day job my renewal of the domain website notice came in my spam email box.

Unfortunately I didn't see that in time and I lost the rights to that domain name. Just for your info I actually was ranked in the top 100 000 websites in the world at that time. No small feat considering I didn't really know what I was doing. Either way I lost my work and traffic, not much later I lost my drive to continue as I felt robbed.

The Past Is The Past

OK, well that happened. So late 2018 I started wealthy affiliate, again started building up some of that passion. Unfortunately I still nearly 20 years later still didn't have access to the Dreams Can Be Real domain name. So I started work on my website Best Place 2.

After learning a fair bit about SEO and other very useful lessons from WA, I started getting some limited success at on my new website. Couple sales here and being found on search engines. Thank you WA.

Oneday I decided to just check if the domain name for Dreams Can Be Real was finally available. I nearly fell off my chair, to my surprise it was available and without a moment hesitation I re bought the rights to the domain name.

Passion Was Re-Ignited

Was a strange feeling, even though I was starting to get some results with my first website. The passion I was starting to feel again was too hard to ignore. I had nowhere near the passion for my first website.

I was at a cross road in my online business. I was starting to focus a bit more on YouTube and was putting less time into WA. That was not exactly working that great for me until I started to see how I could use both together to achieve more on both fronts.

At first, I was just using the website content creation platform in WA to get some pictures easily to put into my YouTube videos. Then I started to set up some scripts and that for subtitles and stuff for my videos.

The more I was doing that the more ideas I was getting. Was not long before my YouTube videos were starting to help me also create content for posts on my website.

Now both Dreams Can Be Real on YouTube and Dreams Can Be Real website are benefiting from the work I am doing on each platform.

Hope this helps others at WA to build their business faster and better.

Recent Comments


Glad you got your domain name back. I just went through something similar...I wanted my website name and domain name to agree, but the name I had for my website was not available. Recently, the domain name came up and I grabbed it. Glad I did.

Also, after much fear and trepidation, I started a YouTube channel. Surprisingly, I love it! Making a new video this coming week.

Awesome, congrats on your you tube videos:) I love creating content myself as well.

You are proof that it is by living through difficult trials that we improve and it is really good to see how you have taken such a good direction. Success is the result of many failures. I wish you to continue on your good road.


Always a pleasure reading your comments

So awesome that you were able to come back from the negative and rock it right to a huge positive. Keep up your hard work my man and you will be super successful

Thank you Douglas
I really do hope I can help as many people out as possible

You will just keep that positive attitude and you will.

Great post and great progress!

Thank You Joe,
Really appreciate someone in top 50 encouraging me. No wonder I love WA

Thanks. Hang in there!

Hi Sam,
Video content is a winner. Thanks for sharing. Pleased you were able to reclaim your domain, a lesson for everyone.
Eagle Bay is a nice part of the world.

Thank you Paul,
May All Your Dreams Come True

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