Should blog time and family time be separate

Last Update: January 06, 2019

I think whatever you do you should balance work and family

At times you should keep them separate at other times I see no harm combining them

Example of this

Towards the end of 2018 I wasn’t sure what to blog about, was a little tired that day too, had a few things I needed to do chore wise as well.

Then my daughter asks me to take her and her friend to the park:) I felt a bit overwhelmed as I had things I needed to do, things I wanted to do, then now my daughter needed me too.

I ended up taking her and her friend to the park, while at the park I got the idea to take a few photos of the park, while watching my daughter and her friend play I then thought about researching some key words

So in the 2 hours I was in the park with my daughter, her and her friend got to play, I got inspired to write about the park, and did some research.

Got home did my chores then created the blog post about the park when I was done

Here is the Post if you are interested

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ShihTzuSteve Premium
I welcome family members to come along when I'm walking the dogs. The grandchildren love the novelty of handling the dogs, so they are allowed to hold the leashes while I take photos for my website.

Best wishes,

directJ Premium
When we can do that, that is awesome! Best of both worlds I would say. A perfect example of balancing both. Thanks for sharing.
lesabre Premium
Family always comes first
merlynmac Premium
You never know where inspiration will hit you. Sometimes a trip to the park is exactly what you need.
Talk2Ray Premium
Thanks for sharing, it's true that sometimes what you think are distractions are just what you need for some new inspiration.