My progress thus far at WA, and how I got here.

Last Update: November 08, 2015

So here is my progress thus far and how I got here:

I came to Wealthy Affiliate roughly 5 days ago, maybe 4, dunno. My experience online has been vast and wide. I've built websites (old days of Wordpress), I've flipped domain names (bought and sold them), ran a political blog which doesn't exist anymore, I've been an Ebay Powerseller, and currently work in Ebay and FBA.

I NEVER thought of being involved in "Marketing" or any type of affiliate work. I was always told to stay away, by 'Gurus' that I followed over the years. But I figured I had the experience and aptitude toward it, and I am honestly tired of dealing with physical inventory and photos of it, etc. So I came here from after doing some research and landing on a site by a guy with a site called "I've tried that".

So my results in 4 (or so) days:

  1. Built a site and relearned Wordpress...God I love their products.
  2. Retaught myself keyword research. Which I ROCKED at in the old days
  3. Jaaxy? Hello! That thing is awesome...learned it.
  4. Wrote 2 articles. Still in test phase for keywords and "G" page placement
  5. Building up my site....needs work and structure though.
  6. Revamped my entire G+ presence and finally started being active on it
  7. Went from 36,000 to where I am now in member rankings
  8. Finally opted into Amazon's affiliate program
  9. Relearned and reconnected to Google Analytics. Score!
  10. Integrating my knowledge of recording and music to add video lessons to my site
  11. Made some connections
  12. Made it to Course #3

This place is awesome. I never would have had the guts to do this myself because even after all of MY experience, as an "online sales expert", it all looked too daunting. It would take MONTHS to learn what I learned and relearned in 4 days.

I'm the type of person that will jump into something full steam because

  1. I want to know if it works, and know it fast
  2. Need to know what does and doesn't work
  3. Love to test myself and see how far I can take something

So far, I'm still here. I haven't had 'results' yet but 4 days is nearly impossible to tell. I've been working really hard and doing a lot of research and realized so many things about the Internet and how it all relates. My experience helps me, but this experience has been eye opening. I'll give it a real shot, but I don't want to delude myself either. I'll know when it's time to bail out. But I'm not there yet.


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AngryRabbit Premium
Great post. Feeling you!
Theresaw90 Premium
Good Job!
BarryJ Premium
That's a lot of progress in just less than a week. Good for you. Past experience really pays off.