Why CHROME browser works best for Google Analytics, Search Console, Webmaster Tools

Last Update: November 06, 2015

So I jumped ahead of the training because Google was not indexing ANYTHING from my site. I got impatient, because before when I actually ran blogs and built sites (years ago) I was able to get stuff crawled and indexed within 24 hours.

I have no idea if stuff like "Webmaster Tools", site verification, or Google Analytics is even in the training, so I did it on my own.

After over an hour of struggling, I remembered that Chrome as a browser is much more straight forward and friendly with anything involving Google.

Low and behold, my Firefox was the issue. And as soon as I used Chrome for all this "web stuff" it worked like it should. Meaning, all the info and actions I took in Google Analytics and "Search Console"(where you actually verify your site for Google among other things)...worked properly.

Just a tip new newbies. If those processes are not working, it might be your browser. So use CHROME to begin with for anything relating to Google and website development.

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Theresaw90 Premium

This is a very helpful post!
BarryJ Premium
I use Chrome exclusively and still can't verify. One more thing to try.
rickpruitt Premium
Thanks so much for the heads up
kevtav Premium
Commenting because I'm bored. Use Chrome!