When a member asks a question

Last Update: July 20, 2017

Do you sometimes get a member asking you a lot of questions?

The questions could be about how to build a website, how to add content on a website, how to share a post on Facebook, etc.

Instead of going into a detailed explanation and to save time you can say that their questions are covered in the training.

Best of all, you can ask them which lesson they are currently on. This will probably explain why they asked a question in the first place.

Don't get me wrong, asking questions and getting help is at the cornerstone of why WA is such an outstanding training platform.

However, most questions asked by members, especially new members, are answered in the courses.

If a member is a Premium member then they will have access to all the courses and much more likely to get the answers they require just through the courses.

The training is step by step and everything pieces together as you go methodically through the training.

I always recommend to a new member to take their time going through the lessons. By doing so, their website and online business will start coming together before their very eyes.

It's a long term project building a successful online business, which potentially can earn you an income for many years to come.

It's worthwhile not to rush but instead take your time going through the lessons.

Have an awesome day!


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Emeolu Premium
You are absolutely correct.
kevinmj Premium Plus
Thanks for your comment.
OldMCSEGuy Premium
You are correct about one thing... Most of the questions can be answered by the training.
kevinmj Premium Plus
Many thanks.
ArtianB Premium
Thank you Kevin
You are right
kevinmj Premium Plus
Thank you Artian. There's a lot to learn here at WA and it can seem a little overwhelming at times. It's important for new members to take their time to go through the lessons and if they're not sure of anything then ask questions. There is great support & community here at WA. :)
JamesJB Premium
Good and to-the-point post, Kevin...
kevinmj Premium Plus
Many thanks James.
dlibreros Premium
Hey Kevin,

I've noticed this recently as well. I've seen members ask questions that are covered in the training. This tells me that they either haven't reached that lesson yet; or they haven't started the training.

This all comes down to information overload. There's so much to learn that they might feel like they're falling behind when they're not. They just haven't reached that lesson yet.

My advice is to go at your own pace and if you can't find it in the training, then ask a question.

kevinmj Premium Plus
That's great advice Diana. Yes, I'm getting much more questions than before and it could be down to information overload. Many new members just need to take their time and not rush through the lessons. Everything starts coming together as a member progresses further through the lessons.