Would anyone like to play pass the blogger?

Last Update: November 06, 2015

Are you struggling to find the direction that you want to take your business?

Do you wonder if your web-site is "just like everyone else's site"?

Are you looking for inspiration?

Are you suffering from information overload?

Are these questions getting irritating?

Thought so......:0)

Today's blog is about blogging, or more specifically....bloggers.

When you have spent a significant amount of time investigating online business;it's almost inevitable that you will find yourself signing up to other people's lists.

It's almost like a rite of passage in the beginning as you are seeking the way to make your fortune (or even just to make a few dollars) online.

As time goes on you start to weed out the people who are sending you nothing but junk and sales pitches....and who never send you anything of any real worth.

The people who I follow...

Yes, I am basically going to tell you 2 of the people who's lists I remain on because of the excellent quality of the content that they share with me....I am not saying that you should rush out and sign up....but you may find them worth considering...

1) Jeff Bullas - Australian Jeff is by far my favourite writer on the net. He has been named (by various web authority sites) as "number 1 content marketing influencer" one of the "20 Digital Marketing Experts to follow on Twitter" and so on....the list is long.

If you do decide to follow Jeff, be warned, he puts out a LOT of content and you will get a lot of updates to your email in-box.

He doesn't overload you with sales offers, but he is in it to make a living so you will get some sales pitches.

2) Bamidele Onibalusi - The founder and owner of the web-site "Writers in charge" is also pretty prolific, you will get a lot of emails. But a lot of it is really valuable and it's aimed at the budding writer waiting inside of you.

I am on Bamidele's list because I love everything associated with writing.

Again you will receive sales offers from Bamidele....but we all understand that now don't we?

I haven't published links to these guys....mainly because I am still unsure of the rules regarding that on the WA site....but Googling either will find them for you....any problems finding them please just PM me.....kind regards - Kevin

Do you have any favourite bloggers that you follow?....why not share with us all here...

I haven't included the names of other WA members in my list here....although I do follow quite a number of them. But please feel free to do that here also if you wish,

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Loes Premium
I am following Neil Patel's blogs and the Youtybe channels "Talks at Google" and "Matt Cuts"
And of course "Nathaniell Brenes":)
KevinFroude Premium
Thanks Loes....I have heard of Neil Patel but not read any of his blogs etc. I will check out those YouTube channels when time allows...
daniel2015wa Premium
My favorite bloggers are the ones with a 50 next to their name... Then there's the 100's, then the 200's which are also known to benefit the reader by spraying knowledge profusely... Best wishes from Danielll
KevinFroude Premium
Thanks for your feedback Daniel....much appreciated....