Looking For Rodney?

Last Update: August 21, 2018

Hey Everyone, I am looking for a WA member with the name of Rodney but I don't know his screen name. We connected I think on the comment thread but I can't find him there either. Anyway, I promised to get back to him with some information on Instagram Schedulers.....

Rodeny, Message me if you see this and i will send it over..

Please Like this so it we be more visible. I feel so bad that I can't send him what I promised him...


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firstlearn Premium
RodneyJr is into gaming if it was him.

Kev-dogg Premium
thank you. I typed rodney in the search bar and he didn't come up. As soon as I put the space after it there he was thanks.
WendaSue Premium
Is it RodneyJr?

Did you try typing Rodney up in the grey search bar?
Kev-dogg Premium
Thanks. I did try Rodney but I couldn't remember the Jr He didin't come up under just Rodney. Thanks so much.