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August 31, 2018
A few days ago I posted about my frustration with a theme. I absolutely loved the theme but it seemed to have a flaw.It wouldn't load the home page or the blog page correctly. It kept trying to nest the images and posts inside of each other. Yet, it didn't happen all the time so I stuck it our a while think it was something I was doing.I looked and tried at least 25 different themes but just couldn't find one I liked nearly as much as the other. I had sent a support ticket in on the other s
August 23, 2018
I really really love the theme on my newest website. No, seriously I love it and I keep getting great feedback on the aesthetics of the whole thing. But...I really would love it more if it worked.It is simply proving to be unreliable. It simply doesn't always load the pages correctly and it tries to nest the articles inside of each other which makes a massive mess.Don't you hate delays like this? I have been on a mission to write 100,000 words in ten days to really launch this blog quickly.
August 21, 2018
Hey Everyone, I am looking for a WA member with the name of Rodney but I don't know his screen name. We connected I think on the comment thread but I can't find him there either. Anyway, I promised to get back to him with some information on Instagram Schedulers.....Rodeny, Message me if you see this and i will send it over..Please Like this so it we be more visible. I feel so bad that I can't send him what I promised him...Kevin
August 08, 2018
I was not particularly happy this morning when I got up to find the internet was down. Hey, I am in the middle of a challaenge. I need my internet now.After 45 minutes on the phone with the company they agreed with me that there was an outage. DUH!!! 95% of my challenge tasks are on the compueter so I was sort of stuck. So, I moved some things around on my list and decided to over achieve on my reading tasks and then use that planned time for the tasks I couldn't do as planned. Then, of co
August 07, 2018
As I am in the second week of my 30 day challenge, I find the going getting easier. I work down my task list in order for the most part. However, some times I just don't want to do something at a particular moment. Instead of that being completely distracting, I just go back to my task list and do something else. Eventually I am willing lol to do what I skipped. My tasks don't really matter when I do them as long as I make consistent progress each day on them.Focus and consistency are my t
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August 06, 2018
It is hard for me not to analyze my efforts daily. It is so tempting to look at my google rankings daily. However, I have found it is actually bad for me to looking too often. It takes me off track. It takes me out of focus. I spent a lot of time making a plan. I spent days and even weeks researching parts of my plan. Now I am working it. One week hard core into it I am pleased with the results I have found today. This week I saw an average of a 30% increase in the number of keywords G
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August 05, 2018
I took today off. It was hard to do but worth the effort. Tomorrow starts week two of my 30 day challenge...
August 04, 2018
I am completing my first 6 days of my 30 day challenge today. Tomorrow may be my toughest day yet as I am not supposed to work...that can be difficult for me. There are about 25 minutes of things I do every morning and those will still happen but other than that, I am off.I have seen some good results so far and will do an analysis of those on Monday. Besides the business side of things, overall I just feel jazzed up. I set goals for my week, I made a plan, and I worked my plan. It feels g
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Ah, that moment when you find you made a stupid mistake months earlier that is biting you in the butt... It can be frustrating for sure. I had that moment recently and am paying the price. I affiliate my own products on Amazon. I have over 1200. I have nice pictures of them I use on Amazon. So, of course I uploaded all those pictures to my site and used them as my product pictures here. Then came the speed slow down when my catalogs were trying to load.Yes I loaded my images and ran them
August 02, 2018
And still I march forward. Yesterday my determination wavered in my 30 day challenge. Today was a struggle to get up. Yet, I DID push through. My checklist has and is getting accomplished each day. I am moving forward despite myself lol.I have already seen some small results. Other results I haven't checked. One of my tasks was to NOT check daily progress. I want to analyze and disect but at this stage those tasks don't move me closer to my goals. I must stay focused, I must stay on tra