All are equeal

Last Update: September 28, 2016

Good morning is a quote from Thomas J. Vilord

God created all men equal. Why do some accomplish far greater accomplishments then others? Because they had a vision, a desire, and they took action.

We have a lot members showing us what can be done, a vision. We all must have the desire, or we wouldn't be here. So that leaves just one thank to do TAKE ACTION.

Good luck and God bless all.

Thanks Wayne

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MKearns Premium
Motivation and desire make all the difference.
KeithMaki Premium
Wayne, thanks for the post! It is true we must work hard to accomplish our goals! Take care, Keith
JudeP Premium
Good message Wayne, thanks :)
theresroth Premium
Thanks, Wayne!
Dreamer56 Premium
Very true Wayne Great to hear from you . Thanks for the message.