Our Habits will Produce a Life Style

Last Update: November 20, 2018

In the growth of a pet's life comes daily routines, the habit of words and trained commands until the owners' direction is predictable. So long as we are consistent with the patterns and routines the pet will know instantly what to do next. The training works around rewards from "treats" to the meal of the day. Our pet Cindy is real clever at training school: she looks with her nose for the treats other owners have dropped. Why because she's found them before. She understands many words like "Are you ready for your walk ? Ride in the Car? Ready for bed? Sit, stand, drop, stay, wait, come, etc. All learned by habit training (with treats initially).

Reading from Roopekiuttu's blog at the end of 2017, he has developed habits too, based on numbers. He knows how well he's done not just from his income but the level of his input to his sites on a daily basis. He sets number goals, then measuring of activities can be done and the results and what that means for his growth. I loved that he and others found that as he paused on the number of blogs or posts there can still be some momentum, like a time lag to results. But the exciting YouTube daily videos he does, if he pauses there the responses drop quickly.

He writes of the famous Jim Rohan's focus on the Law of Sewing and Reaping (Cause and Effect) so real in the levels and consistancy of action we get done towards our goals.

Roope had aimed for a blog each day, and achieved 350 in 2017. Other areas he was better or not so, but importantly he set those goals in advance, and measured the results in increased reaction and subscribers to his YouTube channel.

There is plenty of inspiration from community members in WA and I find the answers and pathway steps for my development there every day. Thank you all for sharing.

We walk our dog twice each day, rain, hail or shine. Not the big distance if its raining even with umbrellas, dog coat etc. My wife says the dog doesn't care as long as she gets her outing. So I need to do my daily work units no matter what.

Out in the work place for many we just do the things that need to be done in our field of endeavour. But here we can set our own goals and train ourselves to reach the levels way above our present place.

Thank you for your words Roopekiuttu.

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Babou3 Premium
Great post!
Very informative.
Blessedalso2 Premium
What a true and relevant post!

A mantra we all need to live by!

Thanks for the insight!

All the best,

KenShaddock Premium
Thank you Diane.
lesabre Premium
Thank you for sharing
ClaudetteT1 Premium
Thanks for sharing.
JohnGreg08 Premium
I agree to this 100% for us to develop a habit we must met these three things like what you mentioned:

Cue - a "marker" that reminds us that we need to do something.

For example, if we want to develop a habit of writing blog daily then we should create a cue that will signal our brain that it is time to write one. We can do this by setting an alarm at the exact day or making a coffee and opening our computer in the morning.

Action - the action or task that we need to perform when we see the que.

For example, if we see our coffee right beside our computer then we should do our best to make sure that we will do nothing on the computer but to type our blog for that day.

Reward - a treat for ourselves for doing the action

For example, we have a calendar and each time we finish a blog we cross out the date when we wrote it then write a smiley face or good job.

That is all what I want to share. :)