Thanos .ehem . Google snaps his fingers. so what's next.

Last Update: June 06, 2019

For Daily Mail UK, 50% of its organic traffic are gone in an instant.

The SEO community is abuzz but nothing yet can be made out of the early chaos of the SERP fluctuation.

Some sites witness a noticeable increase in traffic while others suffer loss of precious traffic and thus earning.

2nd Major Google SEO Update In 2019

At the end of March, Google did a major update, and sites in the Finance and Health niche are greatly affected.

I lost 40% of traffic as certain medical keywords become 'unrankable'. That's because Google is after E.A.T, (Expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness).

Unless you're a medical expert, or an authoritative site, it's hard to rank for terms like anxiety, depression or other medical terms.

I rebrand, and revamp my site. I stopped promoting certain products that became almost impossible to rank.

Instead, I shifted my focus to products that are not critical to health and has survived the purge.

Google June Seo Update 2019

On June 4th, Google launch a 2nd major update less than 24 hours in announcing it. During the course of 2 months, I've produced more than a dozen articles that should survive similar update.

I knew that Google is improving the relevance of the search result.

As feared, 30% of my traffic was gone in an instance.

That's enough to send anyone into a panic frenzy.

But when I dive deeper into Analytics, i notice that 20% of lost traffics belong to a couple of articles that aren't reallly bringing in the money.

One was a 'how-to' post and the other is a 'review'.

As for the remaining 10%, they are spread over a considerable number of 'best of' articles, the main earner.

There Will Be Losses In Earning But I Presume It's Recoverable.

On the 3rd day of the Update, some of my affected pages managed to climb a few notch back. Amazon clicks took a hit, and there's a slight decrease in earnings.

Google is going for trust and relevance and there isn't any trick to go around this.

With a dozen of articles still climbing the SEO ladder, I believe I'm better prepared for this round of update.

In a way, this is like a continuation of the March Update, yet it has a broader implication.

It Also Shows There's A Need For An Alternative Source Of Traffic

While waiting for the Update to be fully rolled out, and to prevent from getting into a panic frenzy, I'm starting to make videos for Youtube.

It's always great to have more sources of traffic.

Wish me luck.


Do you suffer or gain from the Google June SEO Update? What's your plan moving forward?

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OSegun Premium
Thank you Kenny for sharing your thoughts on the Google upgrades. Things are getting more serious than before. One can only wish for the best.
KennyLee Premium
There are some solid strategies to implement in the future. Google is now emphasizing on E.A.T more than ever. Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness.

I've improvised my website and I'm not sure if it's the reason that see some traffic coming back after almost a week.
OSegun Premium
Fingers crossed. Best of luck to you. Segun
TanyaCHA Premium
Same story here Kenny. Health site. I have been struggling with it since last year Medic update. Since this March update I got very good organic traffic boost and of cause lost half of it since this Monday. Whatever Google is saying that they do not target particular niche, health sites had the most impact since last year. I am planning to manage the health site and start working on a new site, not related to a health niche.
KennyLee Premium
Sorry to hear that Tanya. I'm thinking along the line too. I have a site that I've put on hold. Not that health-intense and I've seen affiliate sites still enjoying good ranking despite the updates.. Probably should focus on that again.
TanyaCHA Premium
I like health niche a lot as I use different health herb products and practice alternative medicine. And it worked for a while bringing steady income from my health site. But everything has changed and it looks like it is time to search for other niches.

It is getting tough to handle this Google roller coaster all the time seeing that a small sites with no authority and content almost copied word to word from my site outrank me and get my sales.

Many website owners still use black hat techniques as well and some how they are not punished by Google for a while. They outrank honest people like us and get our sales. It looks like from time to time Google are trying to eliminate them with another update and then again, everything comes back to black hat winners.

Other sources of traffic like YouTube are great, but I think the best approach to build your client list who will always come back to you and read and use your information or service. In this case, you won't be so dependable on Google updates.
KennyLee Premium
You have a point there. Maybe it's time to reactivate my mailing list.
AffMktgRt Premium

Thanks so much for the detailed info.

RKingsley Premium
Good post. Thank you for sharing.