AI Chat Bots for your online biz?

Last Update: February 15, 2022

hello wonderful Wealthy Affiliate members, associates, friends and family, and bots!

hope all is going well for everyone here?

just a gem of a find today: AI Chat Bots or in other words, Artificial Intelligent bots that can chat with you !!

have you come across one or perhaps even got one programmed working for you?

i guess my first encounter was back in November 2021 when i did a bit of research on AI Bots for content creation -- and here it is for anyone who missed it: AI Auto-Generated Blogs

well, i've done some further reading since then and here are a few snippets for your learning pleasure on my latest findings about the use of AI Chat Bots --

--- what the heck is an AI Chat bot? ---

let's start off at the beginning -- a good place to anchor our understanding ...

An AI Chat bot is simply a piece of software that can simulate conversation with you by using natural language processing (NLP) or neuro-linguistic programming is how it would have been originally thought of in a different day -- and a very interesting way of achieving successful engagement with others.

Chat bots generally operates via messaging applications and uses machine-learning to provide a human-like experience. Sounds like outta this world, right?!

Artificial intelligence chat bots could conceivably help you with your online business by saving you, the entrepreneur, precious time, enhance customer relations or at least get simple questions answered, and possibly even increase your sales numbers!

These chat bots can actually provide a "human-like" initial assistance without the need to bother yourself until a complex issue comes up. Indeed, then, you would need to wake up and attend to the complex query yourself! ... lol ...

Well, the world is trying to perfect things as best as 'automation' can provide us.

Apparently, an AI chat bot has the capacity to learn when it talks with you! ...

.... and get this, it's programmed to enjoy asking questions of you so do be prepared to engage in an interactive two-way (back and forth like ping-pong) conversation with the seemingly highly inquisitive automatonic robot.

Yes, it's still a robot!

A robot that can work 24/7 chatting with people from all over the world.

Only hiccup would be 'more complex' or beyond comprehension discussions at this point -- however, for basic, introductory needs as an online responder, perhaps it would be a useful too to consider for your 'virtual biz?'

Now how would you like a helper like that for your biz?

Or perhaps, you've already attained an advanced understanding of AI chat bots and are even using one?

Just imagine -- having an AI chat bot to help you manage your website?!

ok wonderful folks -- let's keep rollin' on the WA path of Success. . . > > >

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FrankB-1 Premium Plus
Hi, Keisha

Machines and programs certainly have their place but I am a very social person and prefer the experience of a 1:1 or 1:many human interaction.

I am using AI to create outlines for website content, after which I take the best of that, or reject it entirely for something better, and write the article with my own ideas and words.
It is usually a timesaver but not a substitute for the essence of who I am as a person.
keishalina Premium
*** yes, thank goodness for that ... continue to be the authentic, warm, air breathing human ...

... some days, wonder if our 'human-ness' will continue with all those who want to 'chip people' ...

... thanks kindly & always a delight to chat together ....

enjoy a cuppa java with treats ... ☕🧁🍮🍪 ... :)) ***
FrankB-1 Premium Plus
You never know, Keisha.

Eventually, I might break down and go for that neuro-implant. You know, welcome to the hive - "resistance is futile!" 🤖🤖🤖
keishalina Premium
ya, heard all about it ... so 'un-natural?!' ....

... no thanks kindly for me ... just going to stick what was given to me at birth ...

... i suppose we all could use 'improvements' but not the stuff that will 'track' you everywhere every waking and sleeping moment ... what for? ...

... i'd say to those ones who are currently doing all the 'surveillance' and living vicariously -- if you're still human, then, it's time to get a life -- your own life so that the species can evolve ... would that be ok? ...

... ya, sister of resistance ... to the end (well, this life) ... our essence of being is eternal ... make it a good one ...

... a wee rant here ... please forgive it ... we living in trying times ...

chat tomalli, hopefully ...
FrankB-1 Premium Plus
I seem to be an unintentional instigator of rants, sorry. 😊

It is enticing on some level, Keisha. A non-invasive neuro-implant to get “smarter.” Who doesn’t want to be smarter? I can’t raise my hand to that query! 😎

If the brain can be “reprogrammed” or wirelessly interact with processors and storage devices, imagine what that would mean for people with dementia (published papers available upon request)!

Anyone who owns a smartphone is being tracked in some manner, not to mention all the eyes on us inside and outside, especially in a city environment.

All technology has the potential to be misused and abused. Chatbots will be no different.

I’m too old to worry about all that now. I just want to help people and have fun. ????🎸

keishalina Premium
... chuckles ... yes, perhaps stick to the music you LOVE ! ...

automatons don't know LOVE ... and the ones who manufacture need to find their hearts as some of what is being invented is not based on benefit for humanity -- more on how much money they can make as a result ... that's been proven over and over again in modern times ...

yes, humans as a species have yet to evolve to a stage of maturity or realization where the 'stuff' isn't the end all, be all ....

it's a very sad day -- the current state of this world ...

parallel societies or parallel universes shall we say are being seeded, taking root and developing based upon integrity, respect ... the old paradigm based upon the $ system is in its last gasps and a new way is formulating ... and one that is not dependent upon the utilization of earth's resources so to speak ... a whole new way that has yet come to the consciousness ... the ones attuned are already aware ...

here's to optimism and a happy outlook ... 🌸🎵🙏 ....
FrankB-1 Premium Plus
Yeah, it sure is a complicated world these days. It can be difficult to find simplicity in even the most basic things.

I love having a day off to do nothing productive and appreciate the finer things in life that revolve around simple human behavior, like reminiscing about good times.
keishalina Premium
... uhm -- your reminiscing has brought to mind some good friends of mine from a different day ...

Cherie -- we used to celebrate many Sundays as a 'do nothing' day! ... her hubby passed away in late 2019 ... and was supposed to head over to Scotland to pay my respects (he was like an uncle) ...
and it just says that we all need to do the things we want to do 'today' ... do it now -- no need to wait for Spring, so to speak ...

we just never know of what tomorrow brings ... and most of the world over are missing two years of life and living ... and that matters ... can we ever get those two years back? ... uhm ...

well, here's to a quality good life ... still got kick ... lol ... :))
FrankB-1 Premium Plus
I don’t think about it as two lost years, Keisha.

I got to be part of the whole COVID treatment team. It was a bittersweet experience but I approached it as positive as possible. We lost and saved a lot of good people.

I have to say that between the exhaustion I had a lot of good times and even managed to write 70 articles in the past year for my new guitar site.

Life is short so we have to strive to always make the most of it.
keishalina Premium
... yes, true ... enjoy a wonderful weekend ... :))
FrankB-1 Premium Plus
You too, Keisha! 😊
keishalina Premium
... you just caught me enjoying a cuppa tea ....

here's a cuppa for u, too .... 🍵☕ ... tea or java .... :))
manna4star2 Premium
Sorry I just got here Keisha. Been busy for the last few hours and I see it is now 2148 and past my bedtime. I will be back tomorrow and will probably have dreams about AI tonight. Shades of Sarah Connor.

YHVH Bless

keishalina Premium
... enjoy a good zzz-zz-z ... 🥱😴😴 ...
Isaiah14 Premium
"having an AI chat bot to help you manage your website?!"

And it won't be long before this same AI chat bot will discover that it can run my site without me! Or have no use for me! No thanks, Keisha.

And besides - who doesn't want a natural, genuine human voice speaking that can evoke true emotions? That AI chat bot is going to give me the same bland, monotone response every single time.

Arnold - or the Terminator- said it best in "Terminator 2" to John Connor:

"I know now why you cry. But it's something I can never do"

Isaiah 😊
keishalina Premium
.... hahahahee-e! .... hi dear Isaiah! ... chuckles!

good thing getting a real reaction from a real human!! ... lol ...

i think it was Keith here who mentioned in one of his posts that some 65%, at least, of internet traffic was bot-generated! ... very interesting development, thought i at the time ...

and you've got a great point, with AI bots and chat bots in full swing, why would any human bother being on the net? ...

anyway, something to think about ...

let's go and enjoy a java ... ☕🍮🧁 ...

i really, really need to have a creme carmel ... :))
Zoopie Premium
I see this happening in a number of fields. Even Teaching ESL or EFL it has started to be included in the curriculum, mainly in China where most foreigners do not want to go.
I am not fond of it in that environment but it could certainly help in our businesses.
I remember seeing a movie called Jexxi, that was about this. A bit of a laugh….. Stevoi
keishalina Premium
... uhm ... sounds rather interesting -- the movie? ... was Jexxi a robotoid? ... or? ...

... well, you're a real thriving, fun-lovin' human ... whereas ... the bots are AI (as in Artificial) ... you've got a good heart, soul and have compassion whereas bots do not ...

... that's why most a skeptics about this online stuff ... better to enjoy the real outdoor environment, fresh air, ocean breezes, nature, flowers that seem to surround you where you are ... enjoy listening to the wee birds twitter (real birds) ... lol ...

... keep well & stay awake ... :))
Zoopie Premium
I new we were getting to chirp chirp. Meow before, then woof woof and now chirp
keishalina Premium
... 🐤🐥🐣🐤🐤 ... chirp! ... chirp! ... lol ... :))
FKelso Premium Plus
What a good idea! I've been on a few sites that use a chat bot, but didn't consider using one myself. Another new way for us to be able to communicate with our audience. Thank you for suggesting this one, Keisha.
keishalina Premium
*** hey hi Fran ... good to see you here today! ...

let's enjoy a tea with treats ... ☕🍪🍰🍮🧁 ...

to help keep you warm from under all that snow!!

is the snow still there? ... :)) ***
FKelso Premium Plus
Oh, the snow is still here, but it has receded a bit, and most of the ice is now gone from my driveway. It's improving slowly.
keishalina Premium
*** wonderful news! ... please do keep warm! ... :)) ***