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February 19, 2022
hello dear Wonderful Wealthy Affiliate friends & like-mindeds . . . Chutzpah? . . . where to find it? . . . with the February blahs kinda setting in . . . yes, admittedly, even your 'cheerio' is feeling it today . . .how does one keep one's pertness, sauciness, cheekiness going? . . .any and all helpful suggestions would be welcomed here . . . perhaps making a face like a typical toddler would do it?! . . . lol . . . keep at it as they say:appreciate your replies -- thanks kindly for all y
hello wonderful Wealthy Affiliate members, associates, friends and family, and bots!hope all is going well for everyone here?just a gem of a find today: AI Chat Bots or in other words, Artificial Intelligent bots that can chat with you !!have you come across one or perhaps even got one programmed working for you?i guess my first encounter was back in November 2021 when i did a bit of research on AI Bots for content creation -- and here it is for anyone who missed it: AI Auto-Generated Blogswe
February 13, 2022
Greetings to all wonderful Wealthy Affiliate music lovers, lovers of love and lovers who enjoy making money . . . Just simply a wee post to celebrate this lovely, special day that can be enjoyed each and every day!On this Saint Valentine's Day -- a bit of inspiration from Helen Keller -- she was born in Alabama, on June 27, 1880. She became an author, activist, lecturer and was the first deaf-blind person to overcome her disabilities to earn a bachelor of arts degree. That was an incredible ac
February 08, 2022
Ahoy! Ahoy! Hark to all wonderful Wealthy Affiliate sailors, boaters, mariners, and even swashbuckling pirates of the sea . . . how are you all doing today?Well, a funny thing came to mind today for me as I looked at the o' keyboard on my laptop ...a vision of a sweaty, swashbuckling pirate came into view as it brought back a memory of a time when i worked with a group of informatics computer guys who prided themselves as a band of pirates! ... literally, they had 'pirate stuff' that decorat
February 07, 2022
Well, dear Wonderful Wealthy Affiliate winners and successful online biz owners and up 'n coming ones, too!What does Success look like for YOU?Today, after spending a couple of hours in the glorious sunshine hiking up and yonder with puppy and catching the marvelous fresh air breezes -- it really felt like Spring is in the Air!Got a wee bit energetic and got to re-arranging some furnishings and moving some paper piles around so far ... and came across a gift of 'a series of thoughts with the be
hello wonderful Wealthy Affiliate members from all over this wondrous world. . .just came across some of Waylon's work and profundity marks it ... he speaks of 'moments that make our hours . . . and so forth . . . "It is moments that make our hours, that make our days, that make our months, that make up our lives.”~Waylon Lewis~non-fiction writer, author of elelphant journal, (Generation X).all so true . . . and as time marches by . . . we are standing at a seeming pivotal point in time .
February 05, 2022
Greetings Wonderful Wealthy Affiliate friends and associates around the world on this mighty fine first Saturday in February of 2022!What's on your agenda for today?Well, I love Saturdays most of the time as it has a different feel to -- a much more leisurely feel than other days -- how about you?This post is just to touch base a bit as I haven't posted in since last month -- just been rather distracted with more vital and pressing offline world issues shall we say ...In the proverbial search f
January 29, 2022
Hello World & Wealthy Affiliate members around the planet Earth or 'Three Rocks from the Sun' --- here it is the very last Sunday of January 2022 -- how time just flies by so quickly like a wink of an eye!Well, just spent a bit of time chillin' after a very busy week and got some reflective reading done and came across this insightful quote by the founder of Tiny Buddha.This post is a quick chat about the power of a pause!Of course, most people are in a hurry most of the time trying to get
Greetings Wonderful Wealthy Affiliate members with pockets!Now what is she talking about?Yes, are your pockets full or empty?Does your pockets jangle with coins?Well, I came across a new word to me the other day during one of my reading sessions -- and this word was kind of peculiar in spelling and in its looks as i just didn't recall running across it before, ever!What is this new world? ... oops ... new word?Here's a new word of the day for bloggers > impecunious!Yes, here it is again >
January 27, 2022
Keep on, Keepin' onTruckin'!Yes, Wealthy Affiliate creatives, entrepreneurs, bloggers, writers, editors, biz-owners -- how are you all doing today?Ok, keep on Truckin'!Where did that expression come from?According to Groovy History:"The phrase was popularized by cartoonist Robert Crumb back last century, in 1968, with a one-page comic. Since then the phrase has appeared in many places such as on posters, written into song lyrics, as well as, popularized on bumper stickers and tee-shirts." -- H