Me and Michael Jordan...

Last Update: July 21, 2014

Let's begin!

Jordan's move

Now, just backtrack with me for about 2 seconds! Do you remember that signature move Jordan always does when he is about to take it to the rim (one where he always sticks out his tongue)? If so, then awesome...

Just to be clear, I am not bashing Jordan's signature move. It is a great one? Of course! Can it be done by anyone? Maybe not! See Jordan's move might have a few criteria that you have to get sorted out first, before you attempt it.

These may include:

==> Growing a couple more inches...:)

==> Possessing or having access to a hoop and a basketball...:)

==> Being able to stick out your tongue to a certain length...:)

My move

Now, to be clear, my move doesn't involve me sticking out my tongue (so sorry for any disappointments, lol). Actually, my move is very simple really. And yes, it can be performed by anyone, anywhere.

Signature Move: Pssst, hey! Don't tell anyone this but what I do is, whenever I see someone (anyone) in need of help (that man down type of situation), I simply out stretch my hand to them in hope that they would take it, thus allowing me to help them up.

Remember this saying?: "Everybody needs somebody"

Well that's my code or signature move, helping others. And I know you might be thinking, "like seriously Keane, that's your signature move". Well yes, that's it! Might not be fancy but that's my "Keane Way".

Paying it Forward

Listen, if I have to stress this point a million times then that's how far I'm prepared to go. Paying it Forward. Is it necessary to do so? In my opinion, Yes! And yes and yes and yes! Here's why:

Please note...My definition of this phrase "paying it forward" in this article is subjected to my experiences within the Wealthy Affiliate community. Therefore, its interpretation can take different forms.

Keane's definition:

"Paying it forward is when one person does something with or without the conscious awareness that his/her actions will benefit or help someone else, whether "directly or indirectly". In short, an act of consistent altruism if you will."

Your Reason for Paying it Forward

This where everything gets interesting:). You see altruism in its purest form is a b-e-a-u-tiful thing. I will therefore use the "writing of a blog" as my example here to further solidify my point.

"Regardless of writing something (an article etc.) for personal usage or to someone directly, a blog posted will still perform its duty of impacting on, i.e. benefiting, a multiplicity of individuals both directly and indirectly." Read again... s l o w l y!

Finish? Great!

Sure, messaging someone to check on their progress level is a way of paying it forward. Same too can be said about effectively solving a problem they may have and answering questions they might have about specific subject matters.

But, if this act is providing support and assistance to someone in need is on the basis of personal gain. Then where has the true altruistic approach gone?

Being a Neighbour

So I was writing some content for a blog one afternoon, when I decided to pause for a bit to check on a fellow WA member, to say hello firstly and then perhaps offer any assistance or aid in her progress level, depending on her situation.

She was feeling a bit down after running into a few roadblocks along her journey to business ownership.

Know that type of feeling similar to that of writer's block you get, when you feel stuck but can't move forward to get to where you want to be, even if it's to the last page of your article?

Well if so, same too can be said here about this situation. Luckily however, I was in time to offer the necessary help required and I was able to assist her in resolving her situations, while simultaneously building an air of a little self confidence, thus giving life to a smile that somehow got faded.

Being all relieved now and energized, willing yet ready, she took on the world and before my virtual eyes she conquer all...

"Do what you love, and you will never work another day in your life." Powerful quote but true. True, because that is what I strive to do, which is, "What I Love!"

I am therefore proud to add her story to my collection list for "Future Success Stories".

Key: Paying it forward is essential, especially when it comes to networking and building prospective friendship and by extension business related ones well. Whether your blog landed in the "most popular blogs" section or not. Ensure that its contents therein will benefit or help someone else. Be genuine and be true!

Lesson: You might never know who your information is benefiting or whose face it is putting a smile on or who is in that similar situation you might have mentioned in your article. Fact is, your information is changing lives...


I'm happy to pay it forward. Question is: Are you?


P.S. This article was inspired by someone special to me, that I'll refer to as Lady M.

Also, if you have not read my blog about "My girls, Persistence and Consistency", you can read it here, as it speaks more on topic of consistency. Please like, Share & Comment...

Thanks for reading guys!

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Keane, you could say that pay it forward as you put it is a deep passion of mines based your definition. I enjoyed your blog and wish you the best of everything here at WA!!
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