14 Best Social Media Marketing Tips for 2018

Last Update: March 07, 2018

Tired of remaining in the sea of sameness?

Want to finally stand out from your competitors for a change?

If yes, then implement these few smart strategies to up your marketing game for 2018:

1) Start Re-marketing on Social Media

2) Use Your Best Converting Ad Copy in Social Media Campaigns

3) Narrow Your Targeting to Boost Engagement and Reduce Costs

4) Layer Your Targeting Options

5) Don't be TOO Granular with Social Audiences

6) Monitor Ad Performance Closely to Keep Campaigns Fresh

7) Use In-Market Segments to Leverage Strong Commercial Intent

8) Use Twitter to Test Out Content Ideas

9) Structure Social Campaigns Around Your Business Objectives

10) Build Communities Around Actionable Hashtags

11) Provide a Seamless, Cohesive Visual Experience

12) Leverage the Power of 'Life Events'

13) Bypass 'Leaky' Landing Pages Altogether

14) Grow Hack Your Business to the Top By Partnering with Like-Minded Business Leaders (or Influencers)

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ZTaalibBey Premium
Greetings Beloved,

This is very interesting info. However, for me it may as well be written in Japanese because I don’t know what it means. Are there WA training posts or do you or anyone else have posts explaining any (or all) of these concepts (i.e. what they are, what they do and how to use them)? TYVM
CristyTaylor Premium
Well, this depends on what level of training you are at. If you’re early in the course, then be patient because a lot will be revealed in future training.

But if you have questions, there is always support. You can email someone directly, or even go to live chat also.

Just take your time. Each training session is important and will help you with each step of the process.

Hope this helps.

ZTaalibBey Premium
It does help. TYVM :D <3
CKone Premium
Thank you for sharing these tips.....much appreciated.
Keane Premium
You're very much welcome, Claire. Happy to share useful content with my fellow WAers! :)
NicoAlpaca Premium
I realize I need to get more familiar with social media. This might help me when I understand better. Thanks for sharing.
Keane Premium
Hey Nicole. Thanks for the visit! And yes, this post will definitely help you with your goals for social.

Tip: Bookmark this post by "adding" it to your favorite's collection - that way you can access it is much more easily later on when you need it.
RandiLee Premium
Hi Keane
Those are excellent points/strategies to utilize! Thank you for sharing them.

Keane Premium
Hey Randi. Thanks for taking the time to read my post - really appreciate it. I'm glad to know this was of benefit to you, too.

Oh, and most certainly, Randi; once you apply these set of principles you'll definitely see some changes/ results.

Thanks again for reading,