How To Fix HTTP Error In Word Press

Last Update: February 15, 2017

Have you ever gotten one of these while you were attempting to upload an image into your Word Press Media Library?

I have gotten this kind of error message several times and IT IS ANNOYING! In fact, this is a screen shot of an error I received tonight while trying to upload an image.

How Do You Fix An HTTP Error?

I'm glad you asked. There are a few simple solutions to fix your problem.

  • Sometimes the image you are trying to upload is too big; try decreasing the image size.
  • Try changing your image's extension. (Change a PNG to a JPG or a JPG to a PNG) Then try uploading it again. This is the solution I use most often, and it has worked quite well.
  • Sometimes the error can be triggered after you install a plug-in. If this happens, deactivate it and try loading again.
  • Update your Word Press. Make sure you have the latest version of Word Press running. Then try uploading your image again.
  • You can also go in and add special code that will fix the problem, but this is far above my pay grade, so I won't even attempt to try to tell you how. :)
  • If all else fails, contact support.

I hope this has been helpful.


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Massagearroo Premium
Thank you ,that drove me alittle cracked yesterday.
AGOgden Premium
Very Helpful...
JerryHuang Premium
There's one very common reason for this is because the file name of the media has punctuations like " or ' the quotation.

Just remove the punctuation can fix already.
kdimeo Premium
Another great solution! Thanks Jerry. This is why I love this community so much. There is always someone around who can add a little more knowledge and understanding.
JerryHuang Premium
jtaienao Premium
Thank you Kathy for sharing this.