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Last Update: February 28, 2017

Good Morning!

One of the things I love the most about WA is the way we help each other. We all seem to have a common goal, and that is to see each other succeed. You won't easily find this in the corporate world because it such a competitive environment.

One of the ways we get to help each other succeed is by offering comments on each other's sites.

What Comments Do:

  • Comments develop a sense of community on your site- traffic will increase because people see that others are also interested in the same things, and have the same or similar questions. Active comments increase site interactions and create conversations.
  • Comments provide free content- comments are part of the page; this means Google will use them to index your post. Comments can be a way for you to come up with content topics. Questions and concerns provide rich content topics--topics that are geared specifically to the readers.
  • The amount of comments on your site help your rank on Google- the common thought is that Google looks at a post with many comments and a lot of interaction as significant; therefore, there is a good chance your rank will be increased.

What This Means To Us As We Offer Comments On Each Other's Sites

  • Remember your comment become's part of the website community. Your comment may spark a comment for someone else, and site interactions will increase.
  • Your comment can help provide content topics to the person struggling to come up with relevant topics.
  • You are helping a fellow WA member possibly move up in Google rank.

What Should We Comment?

  • Ask questions- this allows the author to give an answer; your questions help the author build credibility because you are giving them a chance to show more of what they know
  • Offer your own thoughts about the content topic; if you read a review, tell about your own experiences--if you have other relevant tips to offer, go ahead and offer them. This helps other readers. If you have a different experience than the author, then share it. This all helps increase site engagement.
  • If you have a different opinion, share it, respectfully, of course. Don't be offensive if you have a difference of opinion. Being offensive is different than being critical. There is value in opposing points of view. A negative comment creates an opportunity for the author to further develop his/her point of view.
  • When making comments, remember to think about the kind of comment you want to see on your site, and leave the same kind. Site comments are not meant for site feedback. This can be done in the community or through the WA official Site Feedback section.

I hope you find this helpful.

To Your Success and Mine,


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