Learning To Incorporate Affliate Company Links

Last Update: May 31, 2017

As I have progressed through training, and setting up my websites, I have come across a few interesting and profitable affiliate sites that when approved, I can offer on my sites. I love this idea and concept as you can have the choice to pick and choose which banners and links, that are provided by the company. either through the websites or through the emails the companies send. The process has been easy, just time consuming if wanting to display a certain product or brand.

I want to share some of the best websites that offer affiliate programs that provide the banners and links, so that you to can make money while building your site and as residual or monthly income.

Please know that you must be approved for these sites, and for each brand or program you want to place in your website.

Below is my favorite top 3 affiliate program website that I use, and have been successful.


One of my favorites, as they provide brand names and labels, and is easy to navigate and is user friendly. Check it out and find the products your would like to advertise. I recommend this site for all your linking and banners needs. Support is great and resolves any issues, fast and efficiently.



This website offers affiliate programs that are wonderful and easy to work with. Easy signup with approval of both being part of shareasale and the affiliates they offer. As with any website that offers affiliate programs. This website is user friendly, and details a lot of information about your account, clicks, sales for months, weeks, and days. I suggest using this website for your affiliate programs.



This is a great site and will let you advertise for other country products also. Once approved by the site and programs the process for adding the brands to your website is easy. Give it a try and see if it will work for you and your needs.


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ericpierre Premium
Thanks Kelly for sharing this with us.
DebbieRose Premium
Very useful...I'll bookmark for when I'm ready. Thanks.. Debbie
PatrickM1 Premium
Kelly - Very helpful. Thanks for sharing.
MKearns Premium
I'm ready or this information Kelly. Saving and thanks!
KDeJesus Premium
I see a lot of times the need to know affiliate links and how they work, even though many members and training provide this information. New people especially have so many questions if they did not comprehend some part of training, or just missed the idea, it is good to give more information and let them see how well the community will work with and for them here at WA. There is never a dumb questions and never should be hesitant to ask a question.
We are here to help and if this information can provide at least one person an idea than that is great!