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Last Update: April 15, 2014

So some of you probably have read my blog about my health, and some of you probably have not.

Some of you will know that I do numerology profiling, and some of you do not.

Basically, due to me having no work and poor health, I am quite stuck at home. So I wanna do some work on my numerology reports.

So especially for you guys at WA, my numerology reports are now at only $20 lowest instead of the usual $25!! That's a 20% discount!! :O

You could comment below your details such as date and email, but you could just PM me too ;)

And the discount is only for you guys here at WA ok? Don't tell your friends outside about this :P

Other than giving me some stuff to do, this numerology report will help you to understand yourself better. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will allow you to make better choices to cater to your strengths. After identifying your negative traits, I will offer some advice on how to change them or use them for a better purpose. Having some indication of health issues will give you a second thought about whether to change your diet and lifestyle or not. Having a preempt of possible problems that may arise in the coming years will allow you to prepare for it too!

On top of that, you can ask me questions pertaining to your report that you may find unclear or vague. I may end up with some unclear statements especially when I am writing it out for 4 hours straight and in the middle of the night! But the questions are free :)

So let's help each other become more developed and understanding and change our lives for the better :)

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nomari357 Premium
I hope your health improves. Thanks for the blog. It makes me think about the direction I'd like to take.
Kcm Premium
I hope so too :) And glad to know that it helped :)
skyhigh4 Premium
Awesome :) Patti
Kcm Premium
Thanks Patti! :)