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Last Update: December 21, 2013

I am by no means an expert. I am still in the learning experitmental stage. Many changes to my website, pages, themes, etc.............

For the past several days I have been reading several blogs from other WA members and soaking in their experiences and observing while taking note of the information being passed along. A couple of days ago I saw a blog relating to website traffic. One of the wordpress tools or plugins that can be used is Stat counter. I had recently set up Google Analytics, but just yesterday got the stat counter set up.

Now mind you, I don't know what I am doing but experimenting and learning as I go. I have been pulling up Google Analytics, my Commision Junction and now Stat Counter to observe the results and looking for information as to any hits or visits (most of which are mine while tweaking my site) and not seeing any real visits.

This morning after getting that first cup of coffee, logged into all of the tools a mentioned above and into the WA site, I began to look through all and in the Stat Counter I found the following:

Now in looking at this I see that the search or view came from somewhere else besides me. It was from an IPHONE, and via wifi. Charter is a cable company so the search would have been via a wifi. Now for the really strange part:

The Key word used was "cell phone start up". My website is about prepaid cellphone plans, phones, etc...

The search was through yahoo and the page result looked like the following:

That is me at the bottom: No Strings attached Cellphones or freeinofcellphone.com

Some of the text in my site includes start up, cellphones, etc.....................

So with all of this, I started to think. (Can be a dangerous thing at time) that as taught by Kyle, keywords are very important. They also can generate some other hidden gems from searches. I guess what I mean, it gives you that low haning fruit that Kyle speaks about in one of his training messages. It also can give you another Idea for a niche or redirect in a minor direction.

For me, I added a page called Cellphone business opportunities. I wrote some minor info and provided a lead in to the WA message, but very minor with links. So only time will tell, but in the meantime, I keep on learning from the tools to analyze the stats from my websites.

Tell me what you think. Check out my site: freeinfocellphone.com. It is still in progress. I am working to obtain some links from companies via Comminission Junction and other sites. I have some changes to implement, but in the meantime, it is fun and a learning experience.

Thanks, Ken.

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IslandMike Premium
Well the search for "cell phone start ups" was 1 search -- in your data.

And if you ran that series of words "cell phone start ups" thru a keyword service like jaaxy -- it does not rate high high for searches (<10 month). So although you were found with the existing combination on your site no reason to adapt the current wording or add material in that exact keyword phrase itself to accommodate -- if not so many are looking for it.

Similarly, although "cellphone business opportunities" (if that is your keyword you are targeting) may sound logical -- if you run it thru a the keyword search engine, like at jaaxy it comes up with the same (<10 month).

"Cell phone business opportunities" (space between cell and phone) was same as "cellphone...".

So best you take your ideas and run them thru some keyword checking protocol before doing all the work of building a page based on them -- if that was your question.

But that said, there will be all sorts of hits you'd never probably anticipate from combinations on your site -- just naturally or accidentally.

In these cases, neither of these keyword phrases are fruit bearing at all.

"online cellphone business" also was <10 month.
"prepaid cellphone plans" was great 88 searches /286 competing websites.
"prepaid cell phone service" -- 26832 searches / 286 competing websites

"Samsung Galaxy Rush" -- 3852 searches/ 169 competing (that is good fruit)
"Samsung Galaxy S II 4G" -- 3629 searches / 142 competing (that is good fruit)

"prepaid plans" is pretty wide -- 25448 but 322 competing only SEO of 51
"no contract cell phone" 28541 /217 / SEO 80 okay
"alternatives to existing incomes" <10

"no strings attached cellphones" <10
"starting an online cellphone business" <10

Some things I could see, if you could work them in...
"tmobile cell phones" -- 71513 searches / 186 -- good fruit
"tmobile prepaid phones" -- 38751 /82 -- good fruit
"cell phones unlocked" -- 6687 /165 -- good fruit
"best prepaid cell phone plans" -- 6070 / 181 -- good fruit
"tmobile no contract phones" -- 8153 / 32 -- very good fruit
"virgin mobile cell phone" -- 9629 / 127 -- very good fruit
"virgin mobile iPhone 5" -- 10210 /167 -- very good fruit
"sprint cell phones" -- 44335 / 175 -- almost or low hanging fruit
"verizon cell phones" -- 72468 / 184 -- almost or low hanging fruit

It is definitely good you are thinking and analyzing!
kbyer Premium
Thanks for the feedback.
ReinventMe Premium
I need to do the low hanging fruit section!! :-) So much more to get through first! Impressed with your knowledge Island Mike - I know where to come when I get that far!
kbyer Premium
I don't have a question. What I see is that in your attempts to build a page or site, you sometimes will uncover "Low Haning Fruit" or other possiblities within your content. As I saw within the stats, the search terms as used by the individual, found some words in my text. If one were to view tools as stat counter and/or google analytics, you might pick up some other opportunities for further followup. No Question, just comment. Thanks.
ReinventMe Premium
Hi There! Well you're obviously doing something right! Well done on your new found stats. I really like your website idea, it's a really useful topic and will help solve problems for sure. Best wishes with it.

kbyer Premium
In my daytime line of work, I typically analyze in depth troubles with Fiber Networks as well as Broadband networks. So with this business, I utilize the same techniques that I use everyday with a little adaption. Data is everything. Sometimes, the data uncovers the problems or opportunities. Thanks.