Trying to Make a Decision About the Direction of My Website

Last Update: October 29, 2018

I've always loved dogs and I've learned a lot about them. So I created my website (furbabymom) based on my love for and knowledge about dogs.

What I'm finding is that although I enjoy writing about dogs, there is so much more I want to write about that, frankly, I'm more interested in. Travel, recipes, health and wellness, life as a grandmother and empty nester, etc. A lifestyle blog is what it would boil down to.

While I would love to write about all of those other non-dog topics, I can't imagine having a separate website for that since I can barely keep up with the one I have!

What I am wondering about is buying a new domain as an "umbrella" with pages on the different topics I would like to write about. My dog related content would become a page within that website, along with other pages on lifestyle, etc. That way I'm not limited to just writing about dogs, but still just maintaining one website.

I'm also wondering about having the furbabymom domain redirect to the new domain, whatever that will be. Any idea how that would affect my recognition in Google? (Not ranked, but several articles indexed).

I hope this makes sense and I hope someone with more experience can offer some insight

Thank you in advance for your feedback and suggestions!


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Fleeky Premium
Hi Kayla

Having one website is always better.
If you can have it all under one umbrella with several pages of interest you need to find a common,point of insertion, like family life...

I have come to the point where i considder redirection too. What keeps me of is the vulnerability of wordpress and the fact that each is a niche on itself... not to be mingled..l

As Kyle teaches, narrowing your niche is always better.

You could also keep the dog site... and make the dog blog about your life... a viewpoint that many will love: the life of my boss
KBelton Premium
Thank you I appreciate your feedback!