How Affiliate Bootcamp is going.

Last Update: May 12, 2015

What a ride so far! HooWee! ^_^

I found myself really struggling with my niche website, so I thought I would delve into the Affiliate Bootcamp and try to promote Wealthy Affiliate before diving into one of my specific passions (fitness and health). I have most certainly NOT given up on my fitness site, but am putting it on hold, so I can learn more from building a WA-specified website, and then carry on with less bumps (and A LOT less headaches) down the road. =)

So far I am on Course 1, Lesson 6, and wow, I can say that it has been easier for me to write for Wealthy Affiliate for sure! I realized that promoting Wealthy Affiliate is beginning to become my passion. I am driven to rave about it, because there Really Is something to rave about!

I have learned and applied so much more to a website than I thought I would ever be able to do. It is so exciting to see my skills and knowledge build, knowing that I can actually absorb this information.

Also, if you are drawing a blank, or feeling discouraged, or you tell someone about this opportunity and just feel down as a result, it has helped me a lot to explore the profiles and discussion boards on this site and see so many encouraging and inspiring blogs or posts! We all have our down moments/days, but we can bounce back, even within seconds! You just have to search for a way out of your blues. =) <3

Anyhey, I hope this is encouraging to someone out there.

"Everyone has inside them a piece of good news. The good news is you don't know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is." - Anne Frank.



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danbarth87 Premium
Love the quote at the end! Great post
kbeaudoin Premium
Thanks so much Dan! =)
azgorilla Premium
Hi Kylie,
I just came across you above comments and they made me sit up and take notice. Affiliate Bootcamp? Hmmmmmm

I know it it available for me, but I've never gotten into it. I've just stuck with the "regular program" and followed it.

Your above comments have made me realize that I need to take a look at the Affiliate Bootcamp program.

Thanks for posting and what a great reminder. Having a brainstorm is always least welcome from my point of view.

I've chosen to follow you for "just in case" another great brainstorming thought comes to mind. Thanks again for sharing your comments.

Tom :)
kbeaudoin Premium
Hello Tom,

Wow, I'm so glad you got something out of it! =)
I have definitely benefited a lot from taking the Bootcamp course, so I hope the course helps you out as much as it does for me! The regular lessons are also so helpful, eh! Who knew there was so much to learn haha, I certainly didn't.

Thanks for commenting! It was nice to see first thing in the morning. ^_^