Wealthy Affiliate Compensation Plan: My Wealthy Affiliate Tips

Last Update: July 11, 2016

Ok, so this post I'm writing is intended to new members who can't afford the Premium Membership of Wealthy Affiliate.

I have been receiving some emails and private messages looking for help as they were not able to afford the $47/month fee, so I that's why I got the idea of writing this.

On this article, I will show you a simple saving plan that you can implement in an easy way. The main purpose is to help, all of those who are in difficult financial situations, to stay in WA to build their own business; and how helpful it will be if it comes from people who are already having good results online, isn't it :)

If you have any doubt, critique or suggestion, feel free to join the discussion on the comment section below.

Let's move forward and see some facts:

1) Month Premium Membership: $47 per month or $359 per year.

2) Commissions per Wealthy Affiliate referral: $22.5

The question is: How many Wealthy Affiliate referrals do you need to get the Premium Membership "For Free"? So, here is where my compensation plan comes in.

The Wealthy Affiliate Compensation Plan

If we so some simple maths, just with 2 WA referrals, you will get $45 in commissions on a monthly basis (2 x $22.5 = $45).

I know that we are not reaching to the $47 fee but come on, you are just $2 away from it. Until you get some sales with your site, this is a very low membership cost, isn't it? And it shouldn't be so hard to get just 2 referrals. Just remember that the goal here is to cover the WA membership in order to be able to focus on the training and website build up.

But wait a minute... I know you have a question in your head and I can feel it from here. You might be asking: How am I you going to get 2 WA referrals if my website is in the cooking niche, health niche, educational niche, etc.? Or even worst, I don't even have a website yet...

Ok, this is my approach and I hope it helps:

1) Do you have a brother, sister, a very close friend, a cousin or anybody in the same situation as you? Who is Looking to build his own business and earn a passive income? For example, I was able to get my girlfriend and my best friend joining WA, so it's just a matter of looking :)

2) Networking with WA members asking for a favor: ask if someone can help you find a referral in exchange for something (write X amount of articles for him, name him/she on your website (link to his site), or whatever you can imagine that might be beneficial to both.

3) With a little of investment, you can create a WA review page and promote it with a PPC campaign in Bing Ads. There is an excellent guide created by Kyle below:



Once you reach this goal, you will feel a great relieve and you will be able to be more patient with results. Besides, covering the Wealthy Affiliate membership, you will be earning your first online commissions, which is really and exciting moment :)

Now, devote your time to the Wealthy Affiliate training, read articles and guides created by top WA members and if ever have a doubt, don't be afraid to ask for help. There are no silly questions at all. With time, you will master all these abilities.

Hope this quick guide helps somebody out there! Let's join on a discussion on the comment section below.

See you soon!


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RoopeshG Premium
I like this.Good advice. Thanks
kbalcker Premium
Any time mate! :)
JudeP Premium
Great tips Kevin, thanks for sharing :)
kbalcker Premium
You're welcome!
MKearns Premium
Great innovative methods for recruitment. Thanks.
kbalcker Premium
I think so :p let's see if someone implements them. Thanks !
MisterWailor Premium
Nicely presented. It is not difficult to get 2 referrals. Once it happened, more will come.
kbalcker Premium
That's true MisterWailor!
ClaudiaHB Premium
wow, I love this post - very well put, and with great practical tips! Every newbie should read this - blessings!
kbalcker Premium
Thanks Claudia! Hope it helps someone :)