Firsts sales, Firsts intrigues

Last Update: January 28, 2016

Hey there this is my first blog here on Wealthy Affiliate.

I got my firsts sales with WA websites and I'm really excited!

However I'm still a little confused with some SEO stuff as I am ranking on 1st page for articles with less than 1000 words and ranked 94 on +1500 word article with videos :S

Nevertheless I'm very very happy. I love WA and I seek to keep things going :)

My first goal was to get first sale, so now that I achieve that goal I will set my next step which is get some WA referrals (I'm promoting it but unfortunately nobody joined)

Thanks all for your support!

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Luitf Premium
Well done bro! Very proud to click into your link to join WA. I am planing to become yearly member. But firstly I need to figure out how to sell my first item then will do! So that I can write this beautiful story into my blog of promoting WA! Lol
kbalcker Premium
Thank you my friend! I wish you all the best in you success :)

Hope to hear from you soon again!
Juliusrocks Premium
Hi Kevin, congrats on your first sale! Looking forward for some more :-)
JosieM Premium
Well done. Onwards and upwards from here :)
sahugopesh Premium
Hi Congratulations.
kbalcker Premium
Thanks Sahugopesh!
MarionBlack Premium
Congratulations on getting sales in (just) less than 2 months.

The right length for an article is how many words it takes to write it properly. Sometimes that may be less than 300 words and sometimes it may take 3,000+ words.

Keep doing what you're doing because you ARE getting it right.
kbalcker Premium
Thanks Marion! Part of my success is because of you and all of your great trainings and articles! (it's not the first time I say it - Sorry :P)

Wish you all the best to you.