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Hey guys, how are you today? Today, I wanted to share with you a motivational video that will change completely the way you live your life. I love it, so I hope you like it too. the video says: "You have one shot, one chance".Till next Sunday my friends!
Ok, so this post I'm writing is intended to new members who can't afford the Premium Membership of Wealthy Affiliate.I have been receiving some emails and private messages looking for help as they were not able to afford the $47/month fee, so I that's why I got the idea of writing this. On this article, I will show you a simple saving plan that you can implement in an easy way. The main purpose is to help, all of those who are in difficult financial situations, to stay in WA to build their own
June 03, 2016
Hey Everyone,Just wanted to ask if someone is using FB ads to promote a business. Let me share with you my personal experience for all those who want to start a PPC campaign.What About Facebook Ads?Pros of FB:Easy to Set upLets you use more text vs. the competition (Bing, Adwords,etc)You can use images and videosCPC (Cost Per Click) is far more cheaper than Bing and Adwords. This provides a lot of traffic to your website.BUT... these are the Cons:Ads Approval may take a little longer than other
I'm glad to say that I have just bought my first domain name with SiteDomains!This will be my second website and I can't wait to start creating content on it :) :)I must say that the process is very simple and quick. You just pick the name, click some "Next buttons" and everything is set. You don't have to transfer anything. (My first domain is from Name Cheap).If you are thinking of a new website creation, you should try SiteDomains for sure!Cheers to all and wish you a happy Sunday!Kevin
Hi Everyone, I wanted to create this short blog for those who promote WA.First of all, today I have changed something in my WA post in my website which increased a lot the clicks on my WA links.What Did I do?I followed the video walkthrough that Kyle has taught in the Bootcamp Phase 4: the video and do it. You will see more clicks coming over on the next days for sure :)POst here your results!
Hi All!I know I have been very antisocial here and this is why I'm posting this blog.First of all, I want to thank Kyle, MarionBlack, PJGermain, Stephhil, lynne, etc (I don't want to miss anyone!) for all the trainings shared with us. They really helped me a lot.I have been here for almost 5 months and I must say that I didn't imagine that earning money online was possible. I'm really glad with my progress thus far. I earned my first 70 dollars selling a service (just 1 month after having creat
Hey there this is my first blog here on Wealthy Affiliate.I got my firsts sales with WA websites and I'm really excited! However I'm still a little confused with some SEO stuff as I am ranking on 1st page for articles with less than 1000 words and ranked 94 on +1500 word article with videos :SNevertheless I'm very very happy. I love WA and I seek to keep things going :)My first goal was to get first sale, so now that I achieve that goal I will set my next step which is get some WA referrals (I'