How do you go about getting free products to review with little to no sales?

Last Update: May 10, 2017

Hi today I am going to discuss how I got through and convinced an affiliate program to get a product to review for free with like only 1 sale, mine.

If you have followed me closely enough, you would have realised that my niche (first and so far, only) is on action cameras, you know like GoPros, etc and I have written tutorials, guides and reviews on them.

So far, before this incident, I have only reviewed cameras based on collating every information I can get online about the camera (opinions, quality, build, etc) and consolidating that to form my actual review.

At this point, I have written about 10 reviews only getting one sale, which I had ordered myself because someone from my local marketing platform (Carousel) decided he wanted one. So we decided the time we wanted to meet and we met and I sold him the camera.

I then went to the the affiliate program of which I got the camera from and asked them if I could get a camera (worth about $150) to review. Of course, as you know, I failed. How can life be so easy right??

Afterwards, I actually thought for a while and emailed back again asking for a camera that is worth about $50 and lo and behold, they agreed.

This may also be because there are engagements from my website, although most of them are from SiteComments, but still.... :P

Lesson Learnt (Main Point)

So what am I bringing across through my whole story. You've got to start small and scale up. You can't just go around asking for big stuff when you're just starting out.

You can try negotiating of course, if you are really desperate, you can lie to them saying that there are sales brought to other affiliate networks but not the one that you are asking the product from and you want to promote them by having them send a product to you. (Not saying you should, but...)

So guys give it a try, it may work in your favour.

If you had any other experiences that you want to share with getting free products to review, comment down below! I'll really appreciate it!

And like always, thanks for reading and take care!

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ArtKlemme-VC Premium
This is good to know, always wondered how to get products in ways other than purchasing them, this could get costly. keep up the good work.
Carol46 Premium
Thank you for sharing
ThomasPye Premium
I'm not that far along, but thank you for sharing.
DebbieRose Premium
Interesting process. Thanks for sharing your information. Debbie
MKearns Premium
kayfernglow Premium
will check that out! :)