I Love the WA Community!!

Last Update: January 31, 2013
When I joined WA I thought I was just becoming a member of an educational online business website because I want to learn how to become an online internet marketer. I had no idea I was also joining a community of amazing members all eager to reach out to us "Newbies". In the two weeks that I have been here I have had so many members offering me advice, tips and suggestions to help me get started. Where else could we get this? I love that we are able to follow people and that they want to follow me back.

I have learned so much from reading other member's blogs. For example I had never heard about Squidoo before joining WA. Thanks to someone's blog,talking about Squidoo, I joined and just published my first lens today. You can view it at http://www.squidoo.com/my-first-half-marathon. Other people's blogs have given me the inspiration and encouragement to really make a go of online internet marketing.

We have a very special member who I would like to recognize. His profile name is TACTCI. He has a website that he has started, Work @ Home Careers. If you reach out to him he will add a page about you on the website. You can see my page at http://work-home-careers.siterubix.com/disney-tinkerbell-marathon. If you are a "Newbie" what a great way not only to get exposure but to also promote Wealthy Affiliate.

I am also so excited to have met someone at WA who was in the same industry as me and even knows the people I worked for. What a small world!! I am looking forward to her suggestions and ideas for niches and affiliate programs in this industry.

In closing I couldn't be happier at WA. I am just beginning but what a great start. I just wish I could have found Wealthy Affiliate a lot sooner.

Thank you to WA and the wonderful members!!


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jghwebbrand Premium
Welcome to WA! I like your post. I to feel the same way about WA. Also, I am assuming that you are a premium member. Jay has a WAbinar tonight "Getting the most out of WA classrooms". It will be live at 5 PM Pacific time. I highly recommend that you watch the weekly WAbinars. They are informative and provide you with help on becoming a successful online marketer. Good luck to you as you become successful with your online business.
KathyS Premium
Thank you George. Yes, I am a premium member. I will definitely tune in at 5PM today to watch Jay's WAbinar.
KathyS Premium
Thank you Tommy for your comments. I can only hope that after 2 months I have the same success as you!!
tommydillard Premium
You took the words right out of my mouth I have been here less then 2 months and I have 4 websites up and running 2 of them on first page 1 on 3rd page and the last one one the 7 th page of google search! This is awesome training
KathyS Premium
Thank you Hudson for taking the time to read my blog. I appreciate your comments:)
Hudson Premium
Hi Kathy, absolutely agree. This has for me been the key point of my time with WA - always having the ability to ask questions when I needed to and always getting a response from the Member to whom I addressed the question - fabulous community.

I like the idea of recognising members who go that extra mile -good thinking,