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Last Update: February 28, 2020

Today my calendar says promote myself. Hmm, I definitely need to work on that. Does anyone else find it difficult to "promote yourself"? I'm going to start here, with my community here at WA.

If you have read some of my blogs you know that there is what seems to be a TON of stuff going on. Life and my ambitions keep colliding. I'm not one to be content sitting around and waiting for life to happen. Obviously... I'm here at WA trying to build a future free of the J.O.B. for both myself and my spouse.

Working through the training and building my site has, in all honesty, been a slow process. I know that some of this is procrastination, and some of it is interruption. I think that many of us experience the same bit of a situation.

My Current Projects

As well as building my website, that if anyone would like to give me feedback, I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts. HappyHealthyWealthy is my mantra. Message me if you would like to provide some feedback. I don't want to break any rules.

I'm training for the Nashville Rock n' Roll Marathon as a charity runner for St. Jude's. When I'm out there doing circles in the RV park where we live, I have to keep telling myself to keep moving, if you stop you won't get going again. (Message me if you'd like to help me be a St. Jude Hero) At the very least, it is VERY difficult to get going again!

Working nights serving at a local restaurant. Usually Sat - Tues.

Raising a little girl who is now five and working on finding her personality and a bit of independence. She has sleep apnea... I'm a wake a lot.


I know that we are all busy in our little worlds within the bigger world. I want to encourage you to promote yourself, keep moving forward always, and know that here at Wealthy Affiliate, you have a great community of support.

The BEST gift is YOU and all that you do!

Thank you for reading my thoughts for the morning!

Here's to your Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy,


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JasonKang Premium
Hi, Kathy.
I enjoyed reading this blog.
Happy, healthy, and wealthy.
I love this phrase.

Are you running a full marathon?
I did half marathon many times but never tried the full marathon.

Thank you for sharing your thought, and I also wish you all the best.
Let's keep moving.
katfrishe Premium
Hi Jason,

Thank you for your comment! I am running a full marathon. I'm worried about training well at this point and raising the money I committed to raise but I'll get it to happen!

Then, I'll rejoice and focus more on THESE goals.

Have a GREAT day!
JasonKang Premium
I heard that running a full marathon is 10 times harder than running a half marathon.
I want to show my full respect.
Wish you all the best.
Thank you.
katfrishe Premium
Thank you Jason. It will be a good day!
timstime20 Premium
Thanks for that
We do need to do that
Great advice
Best success on your “Promote Me Day”
Shellback Premium
Hey there! Thanks for sharing. Following you, please feel free to follow me as well!
WilsonP Premium
Wise words, Kathy.
Good Luck in the marathon.

katfrishe Premium
Thank you!
Joes946 Premium
Kathy, you're doing great. Wishing you the best in the marathon!
katfrishe Premium
Thank you Joe.