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April 04, 2020
What Just Happened?Holy cow WA family! I have GOT to share what I listened to overnight! I listened to a book! Yep, listened... I'm all over that!Are You Ready?Are you ready to feel better, stop procrastinating, stop hitting snooze and feeling tired all day? Are you ready to fulfill YOUR dreams? Focus on YOUR needs? Find YOU? Do you procrastinate? Do you know WHY? Are you ready to stop doing that? I am.Is your goal to build your business and dreams to the highest (non)limits? I say "non limits"
February 28, 2020
Today my calendar says promote myself. Hmm, I definitely need to work on that. Does anyone else find it difficult to "promote yourself"? I'm going to start here, with my community here at WA. If you have read some of my blogs you know that there is what seems to be a TON of stuff going on. Life and my ambitions keep colliding. I'm not one to be content sitting around and waiting for life to happen. Obviously... I'm here at WA trying to build a future free of the J.O.B. for both myself and my sp
Hello everyone, Thank you for stopping by to read my post! It is natural to hope and long for success quickly. This is normal. Oft times people start this and take off in a sprint, quickly petering out and either quitting, or forgetting about their dream and the fabulous resource available to achieve them.I was reminded this weekend about slowing down and taking it easy. Easy as in not rushing, move with intent, and purpose when I slammed my finger in the door on my spouse's truck. Yep, boy how
Good Morning WA! I've been silent for a tiny bit and am excited to be able to focus on business again!I was hit with a few challenges in the J.O.B. realm, When I started my adventure here at WA, I was a full-time mama. I did not have an outside job. As life has its twists and turns, I started working at night. Which for a SHORT stint ended up with me working two jobs at night. One company has fallen to the wayside. The other, while tiring, it is rewarding in the fact that I get to interact with
January 23, 2020
Life has dumped ENOUGH hurdles in my path. This winter I started working for a "great to work for" company... who turned the "guaranteed 28 hours/week" into 12... all winter long... We ALL have had to look for more work, or a more stable job. I started working as a server again (something I did 20 years ago). I looked at the schedule at the above mentioned company... who I informed of the hours and days I was available and they violated weekly. Then, I am on the schedule for eight days in a row
January 12, 2020
Ooooh, Here It Comes! Today as we sat here, literally anticipating the huge rain and storm that had been predicted all week, I would get excited over a few drops, and it would slow down and stop. This did not last for long. The deluge is here!The air smells clean, the water refreshing, and the air is warmer than it should be in January. It feels great. I am writing this because I have been reading a lot of success stories, which I LOVE!I also want to talk about the anticipation of that first re
January 07, 2020
This cover photo pretty much sums up what many of us are living, and many others are SEEING.I'm writing today more as a means of dealing with the loss of a VERY young adult who LITERALLY was a part of the family (Over 20 years). In Alaska, we consider our best friends and confidants as a sort of adopted family. Anyhow, that said... Our DEAR friends in the North lost their son this last weekend. Finding such info on Facebook truly is crushing. Trying not to sound "flippant" when sending (private
January 01, 2020
It's 3:30 am in TN, and 30 minutes from the New Year in Alaska.Back home we watch as Australia, New York, Montana, Seattle, all ring in the new year, We are the LAST. As I sit here reading so many encouraging posts. I have my little one on the table which is turned into her bed, My love in our bed both breathing that peaceful breath of sleep. At my feet is Midnight sleeping and breathing the breath of dreams. She turns three today. Yes, She has the easiest birthday to remember. I'm going to sta
Today is the final day of a year and a decade! I remember when I was in high school (1980s) thinking "2020 is forever away". All the futuristic movies were played out in the 2026 area of time. I thought I'd never see it! I sure am glad that I get too!I find the time around a new year to be full of hope. I admit, 2019, did not give me that hope and our situation at the time has not changed much, but I have changed. I am not going to give up when my head is swimming and I hope that you do not eit
December 25, 2019
Good Morning and Meeerry Christmas!As I sit here at 3:38 AM, I am reflecting on the past week. My little one turned five on the 20th. Yep, it was like a light switch flipped and here comes the first head butting stage in life. With a bit more realization (when they are tiny holidays are easy), comes the pure excitement and joy of hope, desire, belief, and love. Over the past three nights as she has been counting down Santa's arrival, she has basically refused to go to sleep until she passed out