What would you do with $ 3 billion in Cash?

Last Update: Jan 29, 2014


I was absolutely stupified when I read that Snapchat's CEO Evan Spiegel turned down a $3 billion cash offer for snapchat from facebook's Mark Zuckerberg...

$3 billion in cash is an enormous amount of money, and I thought to myself what I would have done in that situation..

My question is what would you have done if it was you? Reject the offer and continue developing Snapchat or sell Snapchat and take a $3 billion windfall?....

What a decision that would be..imagine all you could do with $3 billion? The amount of lives you could change and the amount of help you could give..

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Think of what Facebook is and what snapchat is. Snapchat has the possibility of becoming as big and profitable as facebook if Evan keeps up with it.

To turn down such an offer means that he could see its potential most probably far surpassing the 3billion offered.

I do not think I would take it. I would instead keep building Snapshot......... Riggghhhttt....... :)

Realistically i would not have turn down 3billion but I'm learning that people do things for various reason and for him 3billion may not be a lot of money he is CEO and we all know money does have attachments in one way or another positive or negative it does have attachments. I said all that to say... that if i were in his shoes being who he is I may have assess the motive "why" behind the number 3 billion and it just may have been a random number and so forth but.....since I am not and from where i sit at this point I would no doubt have taking it and called it a day.... One day we all may be face with that same type of judgement call WOW just glad i didn't have to make that decision! and honestly when you go from broke, barely making it then to have billions,millions and to take it a step lower but further even thousand your mind set has to be adjusted to be handle that... so to truly answer that honestly and truthfully i know what i would want to do but when i see that check i just may do ever thing i couldn't do when i was broke barely making it and so on.... so wow... and that's truthfully my answer

I would do what I'm planning on doing when I can achieve my success online.Don't know if it will be billions however; know it will be thousands! :-) I would donate most of it to the Wounded Warriors Project and what was left would create a scholarship fund in my husband's name. He's a wonderful Professor and loves helping young adults to achieve their dreams!

That would really be nice because I can do the things that I was not able to do.

I will provide a lot of training to the poor nations so that they can stand up on their own feet. There are a lot of good things to do with such money.

I am sure it is possible to get such money because other ahead of us have proved it already.

Good luck Kasparov


3 billion is a large number. I would be like Bill Gates give most to charity. Unfortunately, in most places the tax man will come calling to get his share.

This is an interesting point you bring up. I am sure Snapchat was started by a person wanting to improve something. We could be a snapchat in our business. Who knows what the future can hold for your online business. Something to consider.

Thanks for sharing. Debbie

I will find a way to help the sick and needy people.

I should buy a library. :)
“Rich people have small TVs and big libraries, and poor people have small libraries and big TVs.”
― Zig Ziglar

Was that recently after they got hacked? I would have said yes if so.

I'm not sure if the offer came after the got hacked, I think that it may well have...

Yes the offer was quite recent...

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