How many people have achieved their goals at WA?

Last Update: Feb 1, 2014


Hi everyone,

Just wondering how many of you have achieved your goals here at WA?, and happy with the results of being a member.. ....was curios to know..

Have a great day!


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Not yet, but it will come.

To soon to tell but I will say that the training here is really on point, I estimate it should take a few months. I've been at this online marketing thing going on 4 years now and I will say Wealthy Affiliate is one of the only affiliate sites out there where you actually get what you pay for. I like the support here

Haven't made my first dollar yet .But I'm happy with the experience here . I have learned so much in 3 months here .

Hi Max,

I am putting in work but it is not yet enough work as success in cumulative. I will make a good assessment after 6 months here. At the moment I am only about 3 months.

Wish you the best


Hi Max, curious if you have achieved your goals here? I am on track, just a little further behind in timing than I wanted. I just keep moving forward.

My goals are varied, considering I've only been here just over a month, I think I am exceeding my goal plan so far.

I wanted to quit my job and work full time online, I did that in September 2013.

As for the money goals I'm still a bit behind but I'm getting there! :)

I love being a member here. It gives me the ability to learn, earn and share ideas with other folks that have the same goals.

There's no place like WA!

Hi Chris
Glad to hear you've been able to quite your job, how exciting!
I'm just curious if you'd be willing to share how you've achieved this and how long it took you. I'm very happy with WA but no one seems to want, or is able to say that they've made any real money and how they do it. Thanks for sharing

I did it the same way other successful marketers did it here and that is by following the training.

Also being stubborn and never giving up played a key factor. :)

The reason most "successful" members don't go into the details about how exactly they did it is because other members will then try to copy them, which is understandable but you'll then end up with some competitors down the road :)

Hope this helps and answers your question :)

Best of luck to you! :D

That's a brave decision Chris, well done for having the faith and believing in yourself! I wish you all the best and am sure things will work out for you!!

I am happy with the experience. As the gentleman below indicated, you can use the training to develop other businesses as well. I have two other websites besides my WA site. I am satisfied. Debbie

My goals are flexible for WA. I said in another discussion that I need about 265 to quit my day job, but that was assuming only WA panned out. However, I also plan on promoting other services and products. WA will help me do that. If those other products and services do well, then I won't need to get 265 here. The main goal is to quit my dayjob and be able to travel. I can work from anywhere if I can get online.

I'm working on it! I'm very happy to be a member, this is the type of site and community I've been wanting and didn't even know it existed.

Nice to hear Wayne, good on you! You look very knowledgeable..hehe I might need some advice soon!

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