A Belated Happy New Year!

Last Update: January 08, 2016

Hello friends!

I have, sadly, had a break from WA over the last few months, due to my eldest daughters health problems. During my absence, I have neglected my poor websites, my education and training (to date, I have only completed the first part of the Bootcamp) and all my entrepreneurial aspirations!

However, I am pleased to say that my girl is slowly on the mend, and it is a New Year - time for a kick-up the proverbial, and a new start! But, where to begin?

Straight to the Live Video Classes - Thank you Jay (magistudios). Your training videos are always entertaining as well as educational! And, for the first one of this New Year, he promised to light a fire under our asses - for which I am grateful! Entitled "Building Authority for 2016", this was just what I needed to get back on track. So I am now undertaking my homework, reviewing the training I have completed so far, clearing out the cobwebs, and continuing down the path I started on 6 months ago!

So, a toast to a rosy future, of learning, laughing, action and success!


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Labman Premium Plus
Glad your daughter is getting better, then it sounds like you have a fire going. That should keep you warm for the winter.