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February 04, 2016
Hello Friends!Well, I think it is safe to say that January did not go as planned! Lots of "life" happened in my world, which meant that I was unable to crack on with hints as I had intended. However, my commitment and determination is still there!The main setback was that my daughter ended up back in hospital once again. She is home now, but has been very poorly for the whole of the last month, so she has been my number one priority, obviously. However, this did lead to the idea of us creat
January 11, 2016
Hello WA Friends!So, my own New Year Resolution was to get cracking on my online business once again, following an enforced break due to my eldest daughter being ill over the last few months. So, last week, I jumped straight back in by listening to the latest episode of live training. Fittingly, our "homework" was to go back over our initial training, following each module, both to consolidate what we had learned when first joining WA, and to pick up on anything we may have missed.There was a
January 08, 2016
Hello friends!I have, sadly, had a break from WA over the last few months, due to my eldest daughters health problems. During my absence, I have neglected my poor websites, my education and training (to date, I have only completed the first part of the Bootcamp) and all my entrepreneurial aspirations!However, I am pleased to say that my girl is slowly on the mend, and it is a New Year - time for a kick-up the proverbial, and a new start! But, where to begin?Straight to the Live Video Classes
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August 22, 2015
Seize the DayToday, we heard the news that 7 people had lost their lives in an horrific accident at Shoreham Airshow. An aircraft performing a display crashed into traffic on the A27 - a fairly local story, and a route my family travel regularly.It is heartbreaking that a family event on such a beautiful summer day, should end so tragically, and it just shows how fragile life is. The people affected by this terrible accident could have been on their way to the beach, to visit family, going on
August 21, 2015
Evening all!I have been working in the garden all day today. It has been beautiful weather here! It got me thinking about the time it takes for a seed to germinate, grow, and produce...we all accept that. And how similar that is to building a business of your own.But, when it comes to an online business, everybody seems to expect to achieve financial results overnight. I bet you it is the first thing anybody asks when you say you are an Internet Entrpremeur or an Online Marketer....How much do
August 02, 2015
Hello!I have reached the end of Lesson 5 in the first Affiliate Bootcamp course, and thought this would be a good point at which to stop, review and reflect on what I have learned and achieved so far.I have made my first website, which was surprisingly easy, just as Kyle promised it would be! I have created my "About Me", "Privacy Policy" and "Getting Started" pages and have entered some content on each. I have also made three more draft pages, which I have not yet published.I have begun my li
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July 27, 2015
So, I have had my trial - couldn't make the most of it because of this thing called "life" getting in the way! But I have managed to get to Lesson 7 in the Bootcamp and am determined to make this work, however long it takes. I am not necessarily a slow learner, but am methodical and like to try make sure I have understood something as well as I can before I move on - a tortoise more than a hare!Love the amount of help and support I have been given so far, and look forward to the day when I can